Inflation Reduction Act: Perspectives and Plans

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The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022 invests an estimated $373 billion dollars into clean energy, climate protection and drought resilience. It is the single largest investment of its kind in history.

The 2022 Zero Emissions Summit is the first nation-wide clean energy conference to follow passage of the IRA. Accordingly, its programming now focuses on the "Perspectives and Plans" of stakeholder communities to ensure IRA resources provide clean energy, equitably, for all.

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About the Zero Emissions Summit & Expo

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The Zero Emissions Summit & Expo connects industry innovators with facilitators from ‎government agencies, financial institutions, and other organizations for the specific purpose of ‎reducing environmental carbon dioxide.

This unique event unites leaders from the energy, automotive, aviation, defense, transportation, carbon sequestration, agriculture, and other industries, from all over the world, to evaluate challenges, create solutions, identify funding, then advance Zero Emissions infrastructure while also delivering clean energy, equitably, to all.  


The Zero Emissions Summit & Expo is a creative combination of exhibits, engagement areas, and collaborative ‎workstations. Displays are designed to drive collaboration and remove ‎barriers to the advancement of clean technologies for all.

Also featured are experiential displays that help drive innovation and spark collaborations for new technologies serving: 

  • Municipalities

  • Businesses

  • Military

  • Law Enforcement

  • Underrepresented Communities

  • Tribal Communities

  • Universities and School Districts

  • Federal Agencies

  • Ports

  • Airports

Exhibit Themes Will Include:

  • Charging and Fueling Solutions

  • New Technologies

  • Clean Energy Generation and Storage

  • Carbon Capture and Use (CCU)

  • ZE Service Vehicles and Vessels

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  • Microgrids 

  • Clean Energy Equity for All


Speakers and Educational Programming will also focus on accessing over $1 Trillion in Federal and State Funding

Cybersecurity & Climate Change Roads & Bridges Safety
$50 Billion $110 Billion $11 Billion
Public Transit Roadways Airports
$39 Billion $66 Billion $25 Billion
Wester Water Infrastructure Broadband Ports
$8 Billion $65 Billion $17 Billion
Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Electric School Buses Environment
$7.5 Billion $7.5 Billion $21 Billion
Water Infrastructure "Blueprint" Power Grid California
$55 Billion $65 Billion $22.5 Billion

For More Information about Sponsorships or Exhibiting at the Zero Emissions Summit and Expo, please contact Tom Holm at

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