Please use this form if you are submitting sessions that meet one of the following criteria:

  • The session has been confirmed for inclusion in a STAT Affiliate strand;
  • The session is being presented by a STAT Premium Sponsor ("vendor suite sessions"); or
  • You are a STAT invited speaker.

CAST 2021 presented by STAT 

Thank you for your interest in participating in CAST 2021 by submitting a workshop session proposal. Please note that at this time, STAT is moving forward with the planning of a version of an in-person event, but the format (size, structure) are still unknown.

CAST session presenters serve on the front line of the conference, and your feedback about the current and anticipated event climate is invaluable. During this proposal submission process, you will be asked questions related to your comfort level with the current event climate and safety precautions that will help STAT leadership with their planning process.

Additionally, STAT will be exploring offering a virtual component to CAST, so please consider your ability and willingness to deliver content virtually as this will be asked as part of the submission process.


Proposal Submission Process

Please use this form for general submissions only; If you are submitting sessions as part of an Affiliate Strand or on behalf of a CAST sponsor, please contact for instructions.

If you are returning to edit an in-progress proposal, please log in to the Proposal Service Center using the login information you received in your confirmation email. Please check your spam/junk folder and contact if you did not receive a confirmation email.

The deadline to submit a proposal is May 31, 2021. Notifications of acceptance will be sent out after June 30.

Proposal Submission Requirements

Before you log in to the Call for Proposals website, gather the information listed below. You may also download a PDF of a sample proposal for reference as you prepare your submission.

Session Title

Session description - no more than 75 words

Presentation format

Outcomes/takeaways - up to three (3) attainable outcomes/takeaways

Standards - up to three (3) ways this session aligns with research, best practice, and/or standards/TEKS

Grade Level

Speaker Bio

Keywords -up to three additional keywords
Audience for whom the session will be most meaningful

Workshop Session/Speaker Policies

Please review the formal Workshop Session/Speaker Policies in detail prior to entering the proposal form as you will be asked to agree to these policies during the submission. note, some of these policies are specific to an in-person event and may not be applicable if your participation is virtual.



April 1 | Call for Proposals Opens
May 31 | Call for Proposals Closes
June 30 | Presenters Notified of Acceptance
August 16 | Presenters Notified of Schedule


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