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Showcase your organization at CAST 2020

CAST 2020 presents a unique opportunity for your company to connect with decision-makers and influencers in the world of Texas science education. The CAST Exhibitor Program offers high-value exposure opportunities that allow your company to develop meaningful relationships, drive sales and build brand awareness. The CAST 2020 Exhibit Hall is designed with various price points and booth size options to meet your specific outreach and sales objectives. Choose your favorite location for this must-attend event for Texas science educators of all grade levels!


Move In:    Wednesday, November 4          
                   Thursday, November 5 
Show:        Thursday, November 5
                   Friday, November 6 
                   Saturday, November 7 
Move Out:  Saturday, November 7 
Note: Specific hours are being confirmed.

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Reserve Your Booth Today

To reserve your booth, you will click the start button below. All submitted reservations are subject to approval by the STAT Exhibits Management Team.

After you submit your reservation, your booth selection will be confirmed within 10 business days. You may pay for your booth as you complete this form, and in all cases, your payment must be received within 10 days of final confirmation.

To preview available booths, mouse over the floor map below to view booth numbers and sizes, and then click the Start button below to make your reservation.

Floor Map Key:   Red - Reserved       Blue - Open


Booth Size 2019 On-Site
Inline Booth (10' x 10') $950 $1,000
Corner Booth (10' x 10') $1,100 $1,150
20' x 20' Island Booth $4,000 $4,200
20' x 30' Island Booth $6,000 $6,300
20' x 40' Island Booth $7,600 $8,000

If you choose to upgrade your exhibitor listing, you will be asked to enter a 25-word company description, as well as open, read, and accept the Policies of Exhibition and the STAT Safety Regulations and Practices during this process. 

Click START to reserve your booth at CAST.