Featured Speakers


Sean B. Carroll

Sean B. Carroll is an award-winning scientist, writer, educator, and film producer. He leads the Department of Science Education of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and is a Professor of Biology at the University of Maryland. He will discuss his book The Serengeti Rules which is also the basis of a new feature film.

Dr. Donna Farland-Smith, author of Eureka! series

Dr. Donna Farland-Smith is an Associate Professor of Science Education at The Ohio State University. She is co-author of two books for teachers through NSTA Press, Eureka! Science Alive through Scientists’ Stories and Activities 3-5 and Eureka! Again K-2 Science Alive through Scientists’ Stories and Activities. Eureka! allows teachers to participate in science lessons that encourage students’ development of confidence and skills in STEM processes and their knowledge and awareness of STEM career fields. 

Page Keeley

Page Keeley is a nationally recognized leader in linking science instruction, assessment, and learning and the prolific author of 22 books and over 40 journal articles. She works with school districts, universities, and organizations throughout the U.S. and internationally to build capacity for science formative assessment and teaching science for conceptual understanding.


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