Exhibitor Marketing & Promotion Resources

PRIMA wants to help you gain the most traction and visibility during your time in San Antonio. Below are  images to help promote your organizations participation at PRIMA22. 

PRIMA22 | Download here 

The PRIMA logo is our most recognizable asset in the public risk sector. Please use the following guidelines and rules: 
  • Use as provided
  • Use only the approved show colors 
  • Do not alter, rotate or modify the logo
  • Do not animate the logo 
  • Do not use outdated version of the PRIMA logo 

E-mail Banners Signature 

Include within your e-mail and reach all of your clients.

Banner Ads 

Place these on your website, blogs, webinars, magazines or newsletter to help promote your organizations attendance to PRIMA22. Hyperlink banner ad to https://conference.primacentral.org/

Social Media  

Share your companies participation on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram! 
Facebook  & LinkedIn 

For further assistance please contact the meetings department at meetings@primacentral.org

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