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PRIMA awards Annual Conference Scholarships to students interested in pursuing careers in the field of public risk management. Award recipients will receive complimentary conference registration, meals, hotel accommodations and transportation to the 2019 PRIMA Annual Conference. The scholarship affords selected students an opportunity to attend the educational sessions as well as the special events at the PRIMA Annual Conference. The 2019 PRIMA Annual Conference will take place June 9-12, 2019 in Orlando, FL.

Scholarship recipients are paired with a PRIMA member who is an experienced risk manager. The PRIMA member serves as a mentor who will help the students network and gain industry knowledge before, during and after PRIMA’s Annual Conference. The recipients will also receive a complimentary one-year student membership to PRIMA.

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Student Scholarship Brochure 
Student Scholarship Application 

Application Requirements

Each application packet must include the following items: 
1. A completed application form (this page).
2. A brief essay demonstrating your passion for public risk management:

a. Your academic major of study
b. Your career goals (include your public risk management goals)
c. Your reasons for applying for the PRIMA Student Scholarship
* The essay must be typed, double spaced and no more than 250 words.

3. A resume or list that includes:

a. Any awards or recognition that you received
b. Community/extracurricular involvement, especially those demonstrating leadership
c. Work/volunteer history, especially those linked to risk management

4. One letter of recommendation written by an advisor, instructor, or professor and addressed to:

PRIMA Education and Training
Public Risk Management Association
700 S. Washington Street, Suite 218
Alexandria, VA 22314

5. A certification form from the enrollment/records office confirming your current status as a full-time student (a copy of your class schedule will also be accepted).
6. A copy of your transcript (unofficial copies are accepted).


The application deadline is Friday, February 22, 2019
You are highly encouraged to electronically submit your application packet to You may also mail your application packet to:

Public Risk Management Association
PRIMA Education and Training
700 S. Washington Street, Suite 218
Alexandria, VA 22314


Incomplete applications will NOT be accepted. Students will be notified of their selection on or before March 29, 2019. 

Click on the Names Below to Meet the 2018 Annual Conference Student Scholars!

Carl Amritt

Amanda Miller

Questions? Please contact Taquan Gilbert at 703.253.1271 or



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