The PRIMA 2019 Annual Conference in Orlando will offer engaging, important and timely information about and related to public risk management through quality education sessions dedicated to exploring the hottest, cutting-edge topics and issues impacting today's public risk manager. 

The educational sessions are offered as 30-minute cram sessions, traditional 1.25 hour classroom sessions and 2.5 hour in-depth workshops.  Selected sessions are organized by the following tracks:

Employee Benefits/Human Resources

• Getting Comfortable with Uncomfortable Conversations
• How To Investigate Employment Related Claims
• Leadership & Compliance: Preparing Supervisors for Success
• Making Performance Appraisals Matter Again
• Service Animals in the Public Workplace
• Understanding When Employers May Limit Employees Speech

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
• A Company's Journey to Implementing ERM
• Connected Communities: Smart Cities and the Infrastructure Revolution
• Creating Value by Engaging Risk
• ERM Roundtable
• Is George Jetson a Public Risk Manager?: The Future of Risk Management

• Can Your Indemnity Pass the Attorney Test?
• Crisis Incident Management - Public Relations in Difficult Times
• Does Frequency Lead to Severity?
• Forming, Acquiring or Dissolving a Pool?
• Herding Cats - Managing Interdisciplinary Workgroups
• Pool Information Exchange

Risk & Benefits Financing/Insurance/Self-Insurance
• Accidental Police Shootings - A Case Study
• Lying with Statistics: Fool Me Once
• Owning Your Health Plan: Controlling Costs (Without Losing Employees!)
• State of the Insurance & Reinsurance Market:  Hot Button Issues
• Understanding Alternative Risk Solutions: ILS, Parametrics and Facilities
• Value Based Care vs Cost Driven Care
• The Wind Blew, the Earth Shook, the River Rose and I Still Need My Claim Paid

Risk Control/Safety
• Big Brother is Watching - Surveillance & Risk Management 
• Five Years After Ferguson:  The Quiet Transformation of Qualified Immunity
• It's Not Just About Money - Or Is It?
• Law Enforcement, Risk Management and Civilian Responsibility for De-escalation
• Mental Health and the Law Enforcement Professional 
• Overlooked Risks: Dangers of Everyday Chemicals
• Panel Discussion with the Loss Control Task Force 
• Risk Management for Public Fleet Operations
• The Importance Improving K-9 Policies and Protocols
• What's in YOUR Claim File?

• Active Shooter - Claims / Coverages / Consequences 
• Building Resiliency Into Schools
• Protecting Our Students Panel Discussion Update
• School Resource Officers: Yours, Mine or Ours?
• The Costs of Sexual Assault and Molestation 
• Traumatic Brain Injury in Schools Update

Risk Management Leadership/Administration
• 6 Reasons Organizational Risk Management Works
• Building a Culture of Risk Management
• Communicating and Measuring the Value of Risk Management Roundtable
• Managing Crisis - A Community Response to Tragedy
• Our Reputation - Does it Matter?
• Pathways to Career Development
• Reducing Jail Risks Through Improved Risk Management Engagement
• Ten Building Blocks to Risk Leader Success
• Weinstein, #metoo and Its Impact on Public Entity Liability in 2019-2020
• Your 1st Cyber Claim! Now What?

Workers’ Compensation
• Addressing Municipalities’ Biggest Workers’ Compensation Challenges
• Common Themes & Strategies for Managing Uncommon Claims
• Pete and Repeat: What to Do with Your Frequent Fliers
• The Virtual Doctor Will See You Now
• Workers’ Compensation: Building Relationships   
• You Have Predictive Analytics, Now What?



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