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Business Opportunity Sessions

Breakout Sessions represent the ‘core curriculum’ of our VETS24 Conference training content and have been custom crafted to maximize your training experience during the Tuesday & Wednesday segments of your VETS24 Conference learning experience.  Each 50 minute session includes at least 1 ‘take away’ deliverables such as best practices, guides, tips & tricks practice guides, and other high-value artifacts that will short cut your implementation of the skills presented in the session.  Our 36 Breakout Sessions present customized training for small business leadership on topics included in our 3 Training Tracks:  

  • TRACK 1: BUILD YOUR PIPELINE sessions provide the keys to success enabling you to Define Your Target Markets & Close New Business in 2024 & Beyond 
  • TRACK 2: FORTIFY YOUR FIRM sessions explore the Internal Investments to Increase PWin & Self-Evaluation Points 
  • TRACK 3: EXPAND AND SCALE sessions explore Strategies to Maximize Wins & Accelerate Growth 

Session registration is not required at the VETS24 Conference. We have a number of concurrent sessions during each of the 5 breakout periods, so there will be many options for attendees to choose from. There will be no assigned seating for the breakout periods.

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