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Matched Networking

The power of Networking is In YOUR Hands at the VETS23 Conference! The VETS23 Conference features one-on-one appointments between ALL attendees who REGISTER for the Matched Networking program. This means you can schedule meetings with:

  • Agency Procurement Decision Makers
  • Large prime teaming partners
  • Future IDIQ & contract teaming partners
  • Task order teaming partners
  • Peer to peer lead sharing partners
  • Mentor/protegee teaming partners
  • Joint venture teaming partners
  • Govcon market trainers, authors & experts

At the VETS23 Conference we call this Connections 360™ and this is your gateway to maximizing your VETS23 Conference experience. These meetings will lay the foundation to develop new client-consultant relationships, teaming partners, and more! All appointments are available to Full Conference registrants and are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Matched Networking Registrations opens April 3, 2023.

We will send further details on the Matched Networking program to all VETS23 Conference registrants on March 27, 2023.