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Why Attend NSTA National?

It's simple. This premier conference brings together science education leaders and experts with educators who are interested in personal professional growth. Our sessions presentations and workshops are designed to provide you with content, concepts, and strategies that you can take back to your classroom, your school, or your district.

This is the forum to start discussions about science education from the broadest perspective of the Next Generation Science Standards to the very specifics of skills and techniques that improve performance in the classroom. Teachers from every grade band and discipline – preservice to the most experienced curriculum administrator – are encouraged to attend and let their voices be heard. You can count on compelling and relevant information, techniques, and resources to energize your instruction and invigorate your career.

We invite you to think big and expand your mind. Experience new ideas, network with your peers, gather educational materials, view the newest products, and get inspired by an extraordinary group of science educators. Share your passion as you continue on your journey to becoming the best educator you can be.

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