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Exhibitor Workshops

What is an Exhibitor Workshop?

Present your product, program or service in a dedicated 60-minute time slot at the conference. Workshops provide a platform for your organization to take a deep dive into how best your solution can be utilized to increase student engagement and teacher effectiveness. Workshops are run throughout the conference and we offer individual slots as well as full day room rentals. Workshop rates are $500 each; dedicated room rental for Friday is $3,000.

Please note, it is REQUIRED be an exhibitor at the conference to be eligible to host Workshops.


2021 Area Conference on Science Education – Los Angeles, CA

$500 each

What You Get with an Exhibitor Workshop

  • A room available for up to 60 minutes
  • Your choice of theater (with a podium) or classroom-style seating (consists of 6' tables/chairs and a speaker's table)
  • Complete workshop listing on the Conference App that includes workshop title, description, presenters, grade level, discipline, and room number.
  • Listing on Online Conference Schedule

Preparing and Submitting an Exhibitor Workshop Proposal

  • Go to the Online Proposal Submission page:
  • Log in with your last name and NSTA ID# (you can email Linda Crossley for this information – hyperlink names to emails) or create a new NSTA online account.
  • You must have cookies and Javascript turned on in your browser. Please check out these links for information on enabling JavaScript and cookies.
  • Click on the conference.
  • Fill out the form completely. If you do not provide certain requested information, you will see a note near the "Save" button referring to any missing field(s).
  • Once your proposal is complete, please click the "Save and Add/Remove Presenters" button, even if you are the only presenter for this proposal.
  • To add your presenters, please search with their first or last name. Once you find the correct person, please select "presenter." If you are the presenter for this workshop, then you will need to add your name as a presenter as well.

*If you are unable to find your presenter, please contact Linda Crossley.

  • Once you have added all of your presenters, click the "Done" button.
  • Click the "Submit" button at the bottom.
  • You may print this submitted proposal for your records and/or submit another proposal.
  • Shortly after submitting your proposal, you'll receive an e-mail with "Exhibitor Workshop Submission Confirmation" in the subject line.
  • Questions or problems? Try using a different web browser or email Linda Crossley.

Preliminary Deadline for Exhibitor Workshop Proposals

2021 Area Conference on Science Education - Los Angeles, CA

  • Preliminary Deadline - October 12, 2021

Proposals received after the above date are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis pending space availability.


All meeting rooms are provided with a complimentary projection screen and a power cart in front of the room (projector not included). Any other audiovisual needs must be arranged and paid for by the workshop host. Order forms for audiovisual equipment will be included in the workshop scheduling confirmation and the exhibitor service kit.


Approximately six to eight weeks prior to the respective conference, a written confirmation of the workshop location and time will be e-mailed. Upon receipt, each exhibiting company must sign the confirmation and return to Linda Crossley.

Cancellation Policy

2021 Area Conference on Science Education – Los Angeles, CA

  • Notice of cancellation must be in writing and dated on or before September 9.
  • For workshops received after September 9, 2021, the sponsoring company has 5 business days to cancel the workshop without penalty.
  • For cancellations dated after September 9, 2021 a fee of $250 per workshop will be assessed.
  • For cancellations dated after October 1, 2021, the sponsoring company will be responsible for the full cost of the workshop(s).

NSTA Exhibitor Workshops Contact

If you have any questions regarding NSTA Exhibitor Workshops, please contact Jeffrey LeGrand-Douglass.


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