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Post-Event Info


Area Conference in Cincinnati: November 14–16, 2019
Science: The Bridge to Endless Possibilities

Duke Energy Convention Center, 525 Elm St., Cincinnati OH 45202


We hope you made it to Cincinnati for the second area conference of 2019.

Twitter hashtags: #NSTA19 (2019 conferences), #NSTA (all-purpose)


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Session evaluation

To evaluate a session, attendees should follow these steps:

Our session evaluation system is designed to work from a computer using our online browser. Do not evaluate sessions using smartphones/tablets.

Please note that session evaluations cannot be completed via the conference app.


· Click on the “Attendee Info” tab and navigate to the “Attendee Service Center Login.”

· Login: E-mail; Password

· Select the Session Evaluations tab.

· Find the session that you have attended, then click on the Start button.

· Follow the step-by-step process.

· Repeat for each session to evaluate.


File Sharing

We encourage presenters to upload materials. To share materials, presenters should login to the Presenter Service Center and follow the instructions on the Presenter Welcome page, which has an Upload Handouts link. All session-related materials will be publicly available. After a resource is uploaded for a session, a link will appear in the session description in the conference session browser.

Graduate-Level Credit

Cincinnati area conference attendees can earn one (1) graduate-level credit/unit in professional development through Ashland University Southwest Ohio Center course #EDU 6260 C2. To obtain credit, you must be registered for the Cincinnati conference, complete the required assignments, and pay a fee of $180. An NSTA transcript is also required. Register for credit by Friday, November 29, 2019. Click here for complete details. Questions should be directed to Patrick Crahan, director at Ashland University Southwest Ohio Center, at e-mail: crahan.pat@greatoaks.com.

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