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Official NSTA Vendors List

NSTA has noticed or is aware of a number of companies that try to pass themselves off as official vendors of NSTA. This is an attempt to scam companies out of money for services they may need when exhibiting at an NSTA conference. These companies carefully toe the line between legal and illegal representation. To help you avoid these companies, we have provided a quick list of NSTA authorized vendors. If you are contacted by anyone else PLEASE do not order, pay or provide them with any company information as they are NOT official vendors.

  • Decorator Services: Hargrove, Inc.
  • Housing: Orchid.Events
  • E-mail Blast Service: NSTA managed
  • Lead Retrieval: eShow
  • A/V: AVPS
  • Internet/Electrical: Varies by Conference, make sure to check the official Exhibitor Service Kit
  • Science Supply Guide & Re-targeted Advertising Program: Multiview

Click here for more information on how to identify scammers.

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