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Marketing, Workshops & Sponsorship

Statistics show that attendees/customers need to see no less than 7 marketing impressions before your message clicks with them. NSTA has several options to assist you with reaching attendees before, during, and after the event. These options have proven successful for driving traffic to booths and workshops, generating leads and facilitating sales.

Exhibitor Workshops
Present your product, program or service in a dedicated 60-minute time slot at the conference. Exhibitor Workshops for Cincinnati are no longer available.

Sponsorship Opportunities
Sponsorship Opportunities for Cincinnati are no longer available.

Advertising, Email Blasts, Company Showcases

Take advantage of the many marketing options NSTA has to reach attendees before, during and after the conference. Send an e-mail blast to teachers about your exhibitor workshop, design an eye catching Company Showcase to draw attendees to  your booth, and stay in front of attendees everyday with a Conference App Bundle. Click below for more information on each option.

Order Forms:
E-Mail Blast Service
Final Program Advertising (deadline passed)
Company Showcase (deadline passed)
Conference App Bundle (deadline passed).



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