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Presenter AV and Wi-Fi

AV Equipment

Meetings rooms are equipped with an LCD projector and screen. Also, microphones will be provided in meeting rooms seating 100 or more people. If you have any questions or need to order internet service for your session, please contact the conference department at conferences@nsta.org.

If you need to order AV equipment other than that offered by NSTA, please contact the AV provider listed below or click on the link below for an order form (PDF).


Mike Coultas
National Sales
Audio Visual Production Solutions
800-704-3655 ext.102


Order form

Wi-Fi or Internet Service for Charlotte Sessions

Please note that NSTA does not provide internet service for teacher presentations as it is cost-prohibitive. During the course of an hour during an area conference, NSTA offers more than 30 sessions, which amounts to a total of 300+ teacher sessions throughout the conference … and during the course of an hour during a national conference, NSTA offers more than 100 sessions, which amounts to approximately 1,500 teacher sessions throughout the conference. For each of these teacher sessions, NSTA provides an LCD projector and screen, which is very costly.

We recognize the role that technology can play in presenting information. While we would like to provide internet access and fulfill the equipment needs for all of our session presenters, we are not in a position to do so.

In an effort to make presenters aware of the technology that NSTA does and does not provide, we only display the option of selecting (1) an LCD projector and screen or (2) no AV on the online proposal form. Additionally, we note the equipment that is being provided on the session confirmation form, and we provide contact information for our AV provider.

Many past presenters who were interested in sharing how to integrate technology in the classroom brought in videos of the interaction and provided handouts with links to resources that participants were able to access later. Some presenters were able to use the hotspot on their smartphones to access the internet and to project the websites/usages onto the screen.

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