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Official NSTA Vendors List

NSTA has noticed or been made aware of a number of companies that have made contact with our exhibitors, trying to pass themselves off as official vendors of NSTA. This is an attempt to scam companies out of money for services they may need when exhibiting at an NSTA conference. For reference, here is a quick list of the main groups we work with and if you are contacted by anyone else PLEASE do not order, pay or provide them with any company information as they are NOT official vendors.

  • Decorator Services—Hargrove, Inc.
  • Housing— Orchid.Events
  • Mailing Lists—NSTA managed, also offered via our partner Rickard Squared
  • E-mail Blast Service—NSTA managed
  • Science Supply Guide & Re-targeted Advertising Program—Multiview
  • Lead Retrieval—eShow
  • A/V, Internet, Electrical—Varies by Conference, make sure to check the official Exhibitor Service Kit
  • NSTA TV—WebsEdge

Here are a few quick summaries of things to watch for:

Housing—Companies will call or email you and use pressure tactics to get you to book hotel rooms with them. They will imply there are only a few rooms and you must book now and give them your credit card number. Do not give them this information. Our official provider will not solicit you by phone so automatically these solicitations are a clear indicator they are not the official provider. If you book through them, NSTA has no leverage to help in the event there is a problem.

Event Technology (A/V, Electrical, Internet Services)—Please check the Exhibitor Service Kit to find the official vendor information as it varies by conference. Many times groups will simply email a price list or call with an official sounding name to try and get you to order through them even if they're not an official vendor.

Mailing Lists/Email Lists—There are literally dozens of companies out there representing that they have a list with verified contacts. Sometimes they even claim to have NSTA's list which they do not. Please make sure to deal only with NSTA for lists/e-blast service or you can also contact Rickard Squared for list services.

Video Production/TV—We recently heard from an exhibitor they had been contacted by an outside group who would provide video production services and secure them space on public TV. This is a decades old scam in which they overcharge for the production and then do not provide anything near what was paid for. The only outside group we officially work with is WebsEdge.

Payment Due for Booth/Advertising—The solicitor will call and state that they have your order and just need to get payment so they can lock everything in. It is on a very rare occasion that NSTA would ever contact you for payment by phone. Primarily our communications regarding outstanding balances are via email or postal mail.

If ever you're in doubt about whether a vendor is official or not, please contact us at exhibits@nsta.org for verification. We want you to have the best possible experience with NSTA and are here to help.

Here are some of the known companies/domains to steer clear of as they are NOT official vendors:

  • Bethesda List Center
  • Biz-Proposal
  • Convention Housing Authority
  • Conventioneers LLC
  • Corporate Booking Services (CBS Inc)
  • cvdmprospective
  • Docu - Contacts
  • Event Travel Planners
  • Exhibitors Housing Management
  • Exhibitors Housing Services
  • Expo Housing Services
  • Filmscape Productions (zubli@filmscapepro)
  • Global Expo
  • Global Housing Services Corporation (globalhousingcorp)
  • Global Travel Partners
  • National Travel Associates (NTA)
  • onlineleadsinc
  • Pro Housing
  • Progress Expo Services
  • shftmktleads
  • streembases
  • Trade Show Housing
  • TravelEra
  • Worldly Exhibits

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