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Session Tracks and Learning Formats

Session Tracks

Powerful Partnerships
Sessions about forging the relationships that are essential to how we get things done. 

Wholistic Professional
Sessions designed to help you grow your career and the human-centered skills that are essential to success.

Contract Management Skills
Sessions centered around a technical competency or job task in our profession, defined by the Contract Management Body of Knowledge® and ANSI-Accredited Contract Management Standard™.

Innovations in technology, contracting mechanisms, or in the way we do business.


Regulatory updates, briefings on pressing topics, and priorities coming down the pike.

Learning Formats
Whether you seek short bites of learning, deeper dives into topic areas, thought leader discussions, or all of these, NCMA’s learning formats meet you where you are and help take you where you want to be. With options for inspiration, peer learning, in-depth exploration, and hands-on training across a wide range of subjects, you’re in control of your own professional development. Keep your skill set competitive and fresh with content taught by some of the most innovative, inspiring, and creative leaders in contract management, procurement, and acquisition.

Breakout Sessions - 1 Hour
Briefings, updates, hot topics, panel discussions, regulatory updates, etc. (In-Person and Virtual)


Workshops - 2 Hours
Fully immersive and facilitated sessions with role play, problem-based learning, case study, etc. (In-Person Only)

Deep Dives - 2 Hours
Skill-based training on the most critical or foundational job tasks required to be successful in contract management. (In-Person Only)

Innovation Alley - 1 Hour
Demonstrations of new innovative technologies, solutions, and success stories in the profession. (In-Person Only)

Exchanges - 1 Hour
Open round tables on topics that are pressing for the profession. (In-Person Only)

Facilitated Networking - 1 Hour
A chance to participate in organized networking around a theme or purpose. (In-Person Only)

Learning Pavilion - 1 Hour
Sponsored product demo or training (Virtual Only)