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Q. How do I self-report education credit?
All attendees must self-report sessions attended to earn education credit. Visit the Attendee Service Center and click on the 'Self-report session credits' dropdown. Click 'Edit Sessions' and check off all the sessions you attended live or watched on Replay. Your Certificate of Completion will update after you make your selections. All credits must be self-reported by September 22nd.

Q. How many Continuing Professional Education (CPE) or Continuous Learning Point (CLP) credits will I receive from this event?

All attendees, both virtual and in-person, can earn up to 40.2 credits. Once 40.2 credits have been obtained, no addition sessions viewed will earn credits.

The total credits earned is based on your actual session attendance Not all sessions are available for replay.

Q. How can I tell which sessions are offered in-person only or hybrid?
On the Agenda page, look for the in-person only or hybrid tag on the session description. You can also search at the top of the Agenda page by clicking on the Search/Filter option, then selecting 'In-Person Only' or 'Hybrid' under the Session Track drop-down.

Only hybrid sessions will be recorded for Replay in the World Congress virtual platform. In-person only sessions will not be recorded for Replay.

Q. Is there an Employer Justification Packet?
Yes! Download it here.

Q. Are sessions recorded?

Yes! All regular general sessions and select breakout sessions will be available for replay. Special sessions such as Exchanges and in-person only breakout sessions will not be recorded.
Session replays will be available 72 hours after the session in the World Congress Virtual Platform. Go to the Auditorium and select a session to view the recording. The platform will remain accessible until September 15, 2023.

Q. Can I download slides?
Yes! Speaker presentations can be accessed in each session description on the Agenda under Handouts.


Q. How do I access the virtual platform?

You can access the virtual platform 2 ways:
From the Attendee Service Center with your NCMA registration sign-on OR
From the Virtual Venue page using the Mobile App numerical password.

Q. How long will I have access to the virtual platform?

Both virtual and in-person registrants will have access to the virtual platform, including session replays to earn additional credits for 45 days after the event ends on July 26, 2023. The platform will remain accessible until September 15, 2023.

Q. Can I earn credit for watching session replays?

Yes! You will receive education credit for watching session replays as you would for live sessions. Your certificate of completion will automatically update your cumulative credit total after you finish watching a session replay.

Q. How will I receive my certificate of completion?

You must self-report sessions attended or Replays watched by logging into the Attendee Service Center in order to receive a certificate of completion. You will receive one certificate of completion with a cumulative credit total and a list of sessions you earned credit for. Instructions will be provided on how to do this online. Your credits will be transferred to your NCMA account after the virtual platform and self-reporting period close no later than September 29th.

Q. I have a disability and need special accommodations. How can I ensure accessibility?

Please indicate your need for special accommodations when registering for the World Congress and NCMA will contact you to ensure your reasonable requests are met. Every effort will be made to accommodate advanced requests and day-of requests may be delayed.

Q. Is membership included in my registration?

Individual nonmember registrations include a one-year membership to NCMA. Your membership term will run from August 2023-July 2024. Memberships will be activated after World Congress, no later than September 15, 2023.

Q. Who can I contact about questions regarding my NCMA membership?

Please contact or call 800.344.8096 and choose option 1 to speak to a Member Advocate.



Q. What are the technology requirements to attend this event?

To prepare for World Congress 2023, make sure your technology is compatible with eShow virtual event platform.
Browser: Make sure you are using a compatible browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Safari, Internet Explorer and Edge are not compatible with our systems.
WiFi/Internet: You will need a high-speed, internet-connected device. At least 20Mbps download speed is recommended for the best experience.
Security Restrictions: Check with your company’s IT department to ensure you don’t have any pop-up blockers or spyware installed that would limit your access to the event.
Webcam and Mic: If you would like to participate in 1:1 appointments and networking with other attendees, speakers or exhibitors, you will need to have a working webcam and mic.

System Requirements Check and Troubleshooting Tips:
Ensure you review the System Requirements Checklist prior to the event to ensure you can successfully participate online.

· Review Firewall/Proxy Troubleshooting Guide if you are having issues with the platform.

· Complete BigMarker System Check

Other requirements to keep in mind:

· The event platform is compatible with laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

· No VPN

· Clear cookies/cache

· Check your internet speed

· Close any other applications on your computer if you experience difficulties during the event as they can slow down your connectivity.

Q. Do I need to install or download anything to attend the event?

Download the NCMA mobile app to get access to the event right in the palm of your hand! Search for "NCMA Meetings" in the App Store or Google Play.

There is no need to download anything to access the eShow virtual platform. The event will automatically open in a web browser. If windows do not open automatically, be sure to double-check that pop-ups are allowed in your browser.


Q. Who do I contact for Sponsorship Opportunities?


Blake Boynton

Business Development Manager

National Contract Management Association

Office: 800-344-8096