Call for Presentations

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Submissions Due

Monday, August 15, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. ET

Selections Announced

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Speaker Confirmation of Participation
(Please ensure that you obtain any necessary approvals by employers prior to submitting your presentation.)

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Building a Winning Breakout Session Proposal

Thank you for your interest in proposing a presentation for the 2022 Government Contract Management Symposium. This is the marquee conference for contracting professionals working serving the federal government. As you know, federal contracting is an immense and complex field, deserving of a unique focus. NCMA is the only organization that spotlights it every year.

This is our guide for building top-quality session proposals that can compete and win among the dozens we receive.
  • We seek superlative proposals that clearly explain why contracting practitioners need to attend, exactly what they will learn, and how it is immediately applicable to their work.
  • GCMS 2022 will comprise a limited number of breakouts, so our selection process will be rigorous. Our members deserve no less.
  • In recognition of the effort, time, and skill required to shape and deliver top-quality, must-attend presentations, NCMA awards limited, valuable complimentary registrations for the entire conference to up to two presenters per selected breakout session.
  • Selected presenters will receive mandatory support and preparation to ensure an outstanding experience for them and for our conference participants.

Make Your Presentation Stand Out

The GCMS 2022 presentation proposals most likely to be selected will exceed the following requirements:
  1. Tight focus on a unique topic or unique way of presenting a fundamental skill. Unique content never before delivered for any other conference.
  2. Tailored content and presentation style for our government and industry contracting professional members. Even career skills presentations should take account of the characteristics of the government contracting environment:
    • Mission focused
    • High public trust
    • Multi-stakeholder
    • Integrated project team based
    • Industry and government collaboration
    • High expectation
    • Heavily monitored
    • Intellectually challenging
    • Knowledge and experience based
    • Creative due to mastery of complex rules and requirements
  3. Powerful, understandable, clear explanatory statement of why NCMA members must and will want to attend—Why should they care, what must-have skill, information, capability will they acquire?
  4. Sharp, concise, direct statement of the applicable, usable knowledge or ability attendees will take away from the session
  5. Engaging, interactive, novel presentation style. Excellent content presented outside the traditional PowerPoint-and-talking-head approach strongly favored
  6. Stories of real-life successful and unsuccessful uses of fundamentals and innovative approaches with lessons learned and recommended applications prized above all
  7. Pithy prose in the active voice with brawny verbs—Think Hemingway, noir fiction, hard-boiled detective novels

2022 GCMS Theme: Get it Done: Solutions from the Front Lines

The coming year will call on the best of government contracting talent, skills, and experience, so it is essential that we recognize our practitioners’ critical contributions and achievements.

2022 GCMS Tracks 

  • Technical Skills and Strategies: Technical contract management skills lay the foundation for a competent and impactful career. Not just for beginners, this track includes sessions that leverage lessons learned at each phase of the contract management lifecycle—Pre-award, Award and Post-award. Learn what works from those who have tried, failed and tried again. Sessions include skill-based training and discussion of specific strategies and techniques for working in and around written processes to get the job done.  
    Sessions in this track should focus on specific skills and be narrow and deep – not a high-level overview. Examples of the types of sessions that might be included in this track:  
    - Negotiating liability clauses  
    - Crafting clarifying questions on a solicitation 
    - Flowdown clauses – how to decide what to negotiate
    - Making a bid or no bid decision
    - Crafting contract modifications
    - Developing a contract closeout plan 
  • Changing Risk Landscape: Keeping up to date on the rapidly evolving acquisition environment is crucial to making decisions that drive us forward, making us competitive and preparing for the months ahead. This session includes tracks that update on trends or evolving threats, risks or opportunities. Examples of the types of sessions that might be included in this track: 
    - CMMC 2.0 and what’s next on the horizon
    - Contending with the threat of Russia and China 
    - Impact of Russian Sanctions
    - Sustainability
    - Regulatory updates 
    - Supply chain impact 
  • Business Savvy: The ability to understand and deal with business situations in ways the lead to successful outcomes is necessary for all phases of our contracting life cycle. Business savvy requires decisions based on analysis of risks and opportunities, resources and limitations, and practical trade-offs. Examples of the types of sessions that might be included in this track: 
    - Crafting incentives
    - Negotiation strategies 
    - Buying IT as a service
    - 9 Non-traditional acquisition approaches  
    - Changing Risk Landscape