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The 2025 Experience

The 2025 Experience: The Future is Now 

Join your government and industry peers for two days of fast-paced contracting problem-solving set in the near future: 2025.

International tensions are flaring. Chinese cyberattacks are heating up. Semiconductors are scarce. Taiwan is under threat. World supply chains are brittle. Climate threats are growing. And there may be another virus brewing.

Amid this urgent scenario, your team receives a critical contracting challenge and orders to deliver courses of action to solve it in two days.

You’ll attend practical training sessions in using innovative and emergency contracting techniques with expert practitioners like former Army other transactions authority Ben McMartin.

Your teams will have top-notch contracting facilitators like Raytheon Senior Corporate Contracts Director Russ Blaine, Homeland Security Procurement Innovation Lab Executive Director Polly Hall, Allie Stanzione, Senior Principal Contracts Manager, GDMS Inc., and Dan Finkenstadt, Assistant Professor at the Naval Postgraduate School Assistant Professor in Enterprise Sourcing, Entrepreneurship, and Spend Analysis.

You’ll attend GCMS plenaries with all the conference participants to hear former Deputy National Intelligence Director Sue Gordon; Peter Singer, one of America’s top innovators and defense strategists; and IRS Chief Procurement Officer Shanna Webbers outline the challenges of the urgent present and future and how contracting agility and creativity will help us tackle them.

Roving contracting innovators will be available to answer your team’s questions and recommend ways to apply innovative approaches during your problem-solving workshops.

If you’re looking for hands-on, in-the-moment contracting learning in an action-packed, real-life scenario, 2025 is for you. You’ll work together, pool your knowledge with some of the best in the business, and come up with courses of action you might never have dreamed up alone.

2025: Contract training in action! Don’t miss this once-in-a-career opportunity!

· Four case-based, practical training sessions in other transactions, emergency contracting, Small Business Innovation Research contracts and commercial solutions openings, and more

· Five hours of facilitated problem-solving supported by roving subject matter experts

· Opportunities to collaborate and learn with government and industry contracting professionals

· Fun, exciting, direct, and engaging interactions with contracting experts and a chance to put learning into action


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