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Live Events Submission


Welcome to the Live Event Submission for Anime Central 2019! This year we have included Cosplay Gatherings into the Panel Request form to help us cross schedule our live events more efficiently. Please be sure to use the same username for each live event requested to help with mitigating scheduling issues that may occur. Each event can have up to two Co-Event runners associated with it. The Anime Central Programming team will do its best to honor requested times, but times/rooms/days are all subject to availability.

Panel Programming
2018 saw an amazing line up of new and returning panels for attendees to enjoy. From new show reviews to exciting games, traveling to Japan to exploring the Japanese language. We sincerely hope you enjoyed all of our offerings this year!

We had a good influx of educational panels but would like to see even more for 2019. If you want to run a panel but are struggling to come up with an idea, please consider one of the topics listed here:

  • Japanese – Spoken
  • Japanese – Written
  • Art in Japan
  • Gaming Trends in Japan vs US
  • Flora/Fauna of Japan
  • History of Japan (overall or a specific time period, event or individual)
  • Popular Music in Japan
  • Popular Films in Japan

Children’s Programming
We were very excited to see Children’s Programming have such an amazing reception in 2018! From the games and crafts to the second annual Children’s Costume Parade, we had a lot of amazing experiences and so much fun! We are very excited to continue growing our programming for the younger generation of fans that join us each year.  If you have an idea for something that you feel our 14 and under crowd would enjoy learning about Japan or Anime please submit your ideas through our Panel Application and make sure to indicate that it’s a Children’s Programming panel! If you would like to host a Children’s panel but are struggling to come up with an idea, please consider one of the topics listed here:

  • Japanese Children’s Games
  • Japanese Language For Kids
  • Japanese Art Project
  • History of Japan for Kids
  • Flora/Fauna of Japan
  • Children’s Stories from Japan
  • CosPlay Tutorials for Kids

Children’s Space Guidelines

  • Children age 14 and under may participate in Children’s Programming activities and events

  • All children must be accompanied by an adult (no more than 4 children to an adult)

  • Children left unattended will be turned over to the Rosemont Police for parents to be contacted

  • Adults may assist the children they accompany with the activities they wish to participate in, but may not create their own. This is to allow for more children to participate and avoid a shortage in activities through the weekend.

  • No cursing, inappropriate conversations, rude behavior will be tolerated

  • Adults not maintaining control over the children they are accompanying will be asked to remove themselves and the children they accompany from the Children’s Programming space

Cosplay Gatherings

Looking to catch someone cosplaying from your favorite series or care to join in with fellow fans of your chosen cosplay, here’s the spot for you. Our Cosplay Gatherings are our officially scheduled group photoshoots. 2018 saw an amazing line up of cosplay themes and we are very excited to see what this year brings! Please note that each host and co-host is restricted to host no more than four Gatherings. For our full list of rules visit: https://www.acen.org/programming/costume-events/cosplay-meet-ups/

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