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LRP’s National Institute® on Legal Issues of Educating Individuals with Disabilities has earned a reputation for providing high-quality professional development. The National Institute® with its nationally recognized speakers who explain how to convert legal mandates into best practices continues to be the pinnacle of special education knowledge sharing and networking.
Attendees of the National Institute® include state special education directors, Section 504 coordinators, superintendents, school principals, school psychologists, school and parent attorneys, state agency personnel, education specialists, charter school administrators, paraprofessionals, teachers, social workers, mediators, hearing officers, and parents/student advocates.
LRP is seeking for presentation proposals to speak at the 46th Annual National Institute® on Legal Issues of Educating Individuals with Disabilities in 2025.

Single-presenter sessions are given preference. You are also encouraged to submit multiple RFPs for consideration.

Presentations should promote discussion of special education laws, references important court and administrative decisions, highlight current challenges, and provide proven practices for legal compliance. Specific strategies for improvement, innovative approaches, best practices, and discussions of specific disabilities are all topics of interest to the conference’s audience.
Proposals will be accepted until July 12, 2024.

Types of sessions:

In addition to the General Sessions, the National Institute® offers the following types of sessions: 
Full-Day Workshop (6 hours) (no more than 2 presenters)
Half-Day Workshop (3 hours) (no more than 2 presenters)
Breakout Session (75 minutes) (one presenter)

Institute® sessions fall into one of the following tracks designed to offer in-depth coverage of real-world compliance issues on specific areas of concern:

  1. Administrative
    (Sessions geared toward special education administrators and support staff).
  2. IDEA
    (Sessions focusing clearly on aspects of the law impacting students with disabilities).
  3. Section 504
    (Sessions designed to navigate the complexities of Section 504 and the ADA).
  4. Behavior and Discipline
    (Sessions outlining legal strategies and guidelines for teaching students with behavioral issues as well as complying with disciplinary rules).
  5. Ethics
    (One-hour session for special education law attorneys exploring how the Model Rules of Professional Conduct apply to the special education practitioner).
  6. Special Ed Connection® User Group Sessions
    (Tips from Special Ed Connection® users on how to use LRP's innovative online resource).
  7. General Session
    (One-hour session that defines the theme of the conference, gets all attendees excited about the event, and creates an experience attendees will remember.)

If you have any questions or problems submitting this form, please contact Madelyn Marconi at 561-708-7099, or