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Track Descriptions

Core HR

Get strategies to leverage technology in “core” HR functions (benefits administration, payroll, employee scheduling, benefits enrollment data, compliance, and more) to drive positive business outcomes and elevate your fundamental HR functions into strategic advantages.

Talent Acquisition (TA)

Learn how more flexible, innovative and creative tools can expand your talent pool and meet candidates wherever they are to keep your organization stocked with talented employees and gain an edge in this modern talent marketplace.


Talent Management (TM)

Discover how technology-enabled solutions for internal mobility, employee development and engagement and more can help your organization manage – and retain -- employees during times of rapid change.


People Analytics

Learn how you can implement increasingly sophisticated and accessible HR and people analytics technology to create a powerful source of insights and business value.


The New World of Work

Explore how innovative HR and workplace technology can support your distributed and digital workforce and create sustainable business outcomes and a thriving workforce culture.

Well-being and Mental Health

Learn how a new generation of HR and workplace technology solutions can help measure, manage and promote employee well-being, including mental health, to improve your company’s bottom line and support employees during challenging times.


HR Digital Transformation

Explore how HR is undergoing its own digital transformation – and improving business outcomes -- by moving to automated, intelligent and data-driven processes supported by modern HR technologies such as AI, the cloud and mobile.


Learning and Reskilling

Realize tools essential to help employees with the changing jobs of today and to adapt to the challenges new technologies and digital transformation will bring to the jobs of tomorrow. Find out how to design and customize technology solutions that address skill gaps and improve individual and company performance.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Discover innovative tools and solutions to help you address DEI-related challenges and deploy sustainable strategies and processes that build a more diverse and inclusive workplace culture and measure the effectiveness of organizational DEI initiatives.


Employee Experience (EE)

Explore new ways to create a positive employee journey by applying technology to help power and elevate your Employee Experience strategies across the entire employee lifecycle.

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