Top HR Products of the Year/Awesome New Technologies for HR: Request for Proposal

NEW for 2020: The Best in HR Technology to be Recognized by Human Resource Executive® and the HR Technology Conference


For years, the most coveted and prestigious awards and recognitions in the HR technology industry have been the “Top HR Products of the Year,” selected by the editors of Human Resource Executive®, and the “Awesome New Technologies for HR,” recognized at the HR Technology Conference. These programs have identified and showcased the very best in HR technology annually.


New for 2020, these two awards programs will be merged and managed in concert by the experts at Human Resource Executive® and the Program Chair of HR Tech. This will create a single, simple application process for HR technology providers and result in a more thorough review and recognition of the most innovative, impactful and important HR technology solutions for the year.


Here’s how the updated HR Executive®/HR Tech awards program will work:


HR technology solution providers are invited to submit proposals by clicking on the Start button below. The non-refundable entry fee is $99.


From the submissions, the HR Executive and HR Tech teams will short-list 30-40 HR technology solutions for an initial round of demonstrations and consideration. After this screening and assessment, up to 20 HR technology solutions will be named “Top HR Products of the Year/Awesome New Technologies for HR.” All of these products will be recognized in Human Resource Executive® magazine and at


In addition, the companies with the highest-rated of these HR tech solutions (up to six solutions) will be invited to demonstrate their solution live for hundreds of potential customers at the 2020 HR Technology Conference & Exposition, set for Oct. 13-16 at The Venetian in Las Vegas. These “Top HR Products/Awesome New Technologies for HR” also will be featured in promotional conference materials and will join the exclusive list of HR technology companies to be recognized at the event.


These awards are designed to showcase new HR tech innovation, with particular emphasis given to how these technology solutions are breaking new ground in the HR tech market. Solutions must be generally available by September 2020 and must have been developed within the last year.


Providers selected to continue in the process can expect to be notified of the status of their submission on or about June 30, 2020. (Only those providers selected to continue will be notified.) For those selected, HR Executive/ HR Tech will request a formal demonstration of 10 minutes maximum, with the majority of that time focused on product demonstration. Provider selections are expected to complete in July 2020.

The $99 entry fee must be paid at submission and is non-refundable.

Deadline Extension: PROPOSALS ARE BEING ACCEPTED UNTIL 11:59 p.m. ET, July 14, 2020.


If you have any questions or problems submitting this form, please contact Angela Wilkinson at

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