Future of EdTech Library Media Specialist

A centerpiece to most schools is the library and media specialists touch the educational lives of everyone on campus. Library media specialists work directly with students, teachers, and the curriculum as an instructional partner, information specialist and technology leader. Effectively managing the school media program requires the school media specialist to be able to meet the various needs of their learning community. This track will guide library media specialists as they make decisions about how and when to incorporate technology into their programs and will provide product and purchasing information for emerging devices, innovative learning spaces and developmentally appropriate technology tools. Speakers will identify and model the use of tools and resources that help teachers and students learn. Communication to support literacy (critical thinking skills, technology skills, and core social skills) is one of the most important roles of the media specialist. Presentations will introduce new technologies and strategies for finding, assessing, and using information. Speakers will share strategies of implementing digital citizenship and equitable assess, as well as how to manage and utilize technology to communicate with colleagues, parents, students and the broader community.