Future of EdTech Coach

Coach presentations involve educators well versed in both curriculum and pedagogy and play vital roles as change agents who bring new ideas into schools around the use of digital tools. Coaches help their districts and schools by designing and modeling sound pedagogical practices and by providing feedback, co-planning, and developing resources designed to strengthen teacher instructional capacity. They create innovative, student-centered experiences that meet teachers where they are and support their professional growth. Coaches advocate for infrastructure that ensures equitable access to connectivity, digital devices, information, resources, programming, and services for all students in support of the district’s strategic vision. They model the effective use of data for reflection and instructional improvement; promote digital fluency among teachers and students; and support a culture that fosters trust, collaboration, teamwork, and a shared vision. In addition to providing technology integration support for individual teachers, grade-level teams, school faculty and building technologists; many coaches also work collaboratively with administrators and teachers to assess, rethink, and redesign traditional learning spaces that support personalized learning.