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Beware of Scams

As an Excipient World Conference & Expo participant, you may be contacted by companies attempting to sell you exhibitor services, lead retrieval, etc.  It is important to us that you know which companies to engage with... and which to potentially avoid.

Official Event Partners

The following email domains belong to official event partners:
booth set up, shipping, labor, etc.
exhibit services
lead retrieval,
overall event updates, housing, and information

Not sure?  Contact us.
Do not be fooled by emails from domains that are not listed above.  Even if they use the Excipient World Conference & Expo name and/or logo they MAY NOT be affiliated with the event or IPEC-Americas.  (Some 3rd party companies harvest data from event websites to present themselves as show partners.)  You are encouraged to verify with Courtney Nazareno prior to engaging with any unfamiliar outside companies offering event services.

NOTE: We never sell our exhibitor’s or attendee’s contact information – in fact, we follow strict data privacy regulations.  Anyone offering to sell you a contact list is NOT affiliated with the event.