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Become an Exhibitor


If you are planning to send a group of 3 or more, a booth is the right choice for you!

10’ x 10’ Exhibit Space ($4,800)

  • Three (3) registration badges (Valued at $5,070): Full access to THREE days of conference sessions including keynotes, break-out sessions, WORKSHOPS, lunches and all networking functions
  • Turnkey furnishings package: Pipe & drape, identification sign, 6’ draped table and two (2) chairs
  • Brand visbility: Company logo and description on interactive floor plan used by attendees to search for exhibitors, recognition on event website, onsite signage, event app and program guide
  • Marketing support: Materials to promote your presence at the event including a registration discount code for your professional network

Download the EW24 Prospectus for more information.

To become an Excipient World 2024 exhibitor, click "Start" below.

Preview of the Floorplan:
Company Booth Company_Key
Consumer Product Testing Co 101 D2090E7B-E353-4BCB-9602-A8ED7FBC5F95
Barentz 103 D14B48BA-DEC8-ABD8-F617-2FCCD4CAD5A5
US Pharmacopeia 107 D63EEAC0-9E87-85E7-F0B2-FD83ED42EDA0
Nisso America INC. 109 58EE083C-B379-7C0C-94E5-0725B7E0058C
Gattefossé USA 113 D32585CE-E030-E1D7-EC07-E4A194300C0D
IMCD US Pharma 115 D2FD3BA1-F230-7182-200D-C227AD7E43B6
BASF Corporation 119 D286B676-079B-39A1-625A-9399E3B654E9
Captisol 121 D5B18D2C-F4E8-8EA1-5938-4B19987ABB2A
Quadra 125 D5E27936-B669-02C7-3332-F5EE9EBA49C5
Asymchem, Inc. 127 94FAC3DE-FB41-AB24-1B98-6D06371AB7D8
HOLD 200
HOLD 201
EXCiPACT 202 DB90772B-0411-E827-8CE2-3FDBED3D1E9E
IOI Chemical 203 D53568FD-A7E3-D7A5-7CC3-3B97A43F1CF4
JRS Pharma LP 206 D39867C8-FEE6-7FD4-7066-6CA7DCA4203D
Alcedo Pharmachem Pvt.Ltd. 207 DC20EC9E-09BD-2641-8332-956CB5677AE5
Pharmaceutical Technology 208 DB08C380-0A7A-F045-9852-60CC1E060D7E
Roquette 209 DBC73C3A-BB2E-DAA1-0966-B96715E48D0F
Asahi Kasei America, Inc. 212 DA456843-F24E-2C0B-EE18-784B0AB0CB03
Pet Flavors 213 1C42B270-999E-034E-C9C1-779A2E4608D0
IFF 214 D45CBC1F-E49C-233A-3BF8-D679E36DC238
Clariant Corporation 215 D3700171-C731-B174-781A-A2E9DC9A653B
Biddle Sawyer 218 D9BB0C70-D7F1-9D33-B0A5-2741A882C7AC
Pace Analytical Life Sciences 219 DA0511AB-A589-8EEB-82B0-5CB5DF0ECFA9
Ingredion Pharma Solutions 220 695298AE-F1CA-C531-173A-B368EDFB6B57
dsm-firmenich 221 60857710-C7A4-B387-D485-F41510E03B3C
Hawkins Inc 224 7FDE8E83-EABB-6FE9-BAC9-E1D2849C1B0F
MeltPrep 225 2FDE989B-D070-5824-BDBF-AC67A5A38ED9
HOLD 226
HOLD 227
Quantum Technology Global 300 59178FD7-0E01-9DF4-16D0-735ABC59E8C7
SGS North America 302 D09FF13C-DE20-162C-339F-E7B26D72C080
BioSpectra 306 FA88F7E0-9E74-A3AA-6AB1-510AF4814ED2
Wuhan Healthgen Biotechnology Corp. 308 2A0BF411-0B48-8979-B923-6637E104CA15
Univar Solutions 312 DAB5FA25-0125-8C09-F6BA-64B58A796786
Excipient World 2025 Sales Booth 313 3B4DDA44-CE69-BC2D-D927-A8D5C5157DC0
DuPont Liveo 314 D41046C7-9ED0-B999-2E8A-FAD64A6C66ED
IPEC-Americas 315 F6561BD4-FB01-EDE5-ABF5-7ADC82BD1B52
Azelis Pharma & Healthcare US 318 D62390DB-A3FE-9031-0AC2-FCEBB5D9F435
Indorama Ventures 319 3418E7EA-E39B-CF15-1CF6-4F15B0DAC4D6
BENEO GmbH 320 D96D3524-BBDC-29F1-136C-5C6F83024D95
Gaylord Chemical Company, LLC 324 192D3414-D944-A2C9-DAFB-3A32C027BA5E
Nanalysis Corp. 326 E45C20A9-05A0-FB2A-526A-1FC309DFA69C
If you have questions about exhibiting, please contact:
Jordan Gil, Exhibit and Sponsorship Sales
Phone: 703-223-5331