Exhibitor Floorplan

Blue booths are available. Red booths are sold. Yellow booths are reserved by IPEC-Americas. You can learn more about each exhibitor by clicking on occupied booth space or by viewing our exhibitor list.

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If you have questions about exhibiting, please contact:
Patty Wanzer, Exhibit and Sponsorship Sales
m. 202-277-9394

Company Booth Company_Key
Biddle Sawyer /Daicel 105 9B691BFD-B9A7-D545-7534-EFD1B52CDC6D
IPEC-Americas 111 6D822FB0-FE0B-8CCC-4097-A02DD6880FCC
BENEO GmbH 200 9AB9B22C-BB53-D57D-F36F-074CA4FB91D3
JRS Pharma LP 201 71E033DE-D9EA-B603-FD0A-2656C0EF5B27
US Pharmacopeia 205 986E603C-A380-E6E9-ECBB-A5B9BE9DF232
Waters Corporation 207 56F62F8E-E65E-DC3B-B537-82EEE73864D6
Clariant Corporation 211 5EDC3FE6-0CCA-13C8-6CAE-A8901A6E6D76
EXCiPACT 301 F85FF2C1-9933-B7A3-9906-7C4167C6B54E
IMCD US, LLC 304 71547AD2-F8A6-F96B-A9F6-C8CC8D37FA80
Gattefossé USA 305 70FD6998-DD7D-2EA7-9567-021DF4C10A57
Evonik Corporation 306 9B2925CC-F7BC-49D9-E6D3-00EFA7B24748
DuPont Liveo 310 724FAFFF-A3F9-663C-39FB-771010EEBE3F
LBB Specialties 311 A0D2B011-E2CD-D7FF-C014-05A53688FF10
Univar Solutions 312 9BF372CC-0E3B-48B2-4FCD-55C0E91C1E91
Pace Life Sciences 400 99AD9FD6-92C1-E14F-3500-9476DC3590DB
Barentz 404 750D4FB1-C706-8F4C-D733-623EC815228A
Grace 405 98A4907F-F6BB-F150-6B24-B0567341D674
MilliporeSigma 406 3D1BA50C-0729-DE7E-36B4-EFA3393D9C37
Alcedo Pharmachem Pvt.Ltd. 407 A1AAAE32-DEB6-421E-56F8-40A9905BD7C1
Asahi Kasei America, Inc. 602 9D7F6A73-0EC0-E706-6BF9-D1F9D4DA046D