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Rules & Regulations

CLICK HERE to download a copy of the Rules & Regulations for your records.
Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center - September 28-29, 2021 (Expo Days)

Excipient World Conference & Expo 2021, hereinafter referred to as “Excipient World”, is sponsored by the International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council of the Americas, hereinafter referred to as “IPEC-Americas”. The exhibits will be held at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center, hereafter referred to as “Gaylord National”.

1. ELIGIBLE EXHIBITS. IPEC-Americas’ reserves the right to determine eligibility of any company or product to participate in the Show. Any business or organization in line with IPEC-Americas’ mission and the general objectives of the Excipient World can apply for an exhibition booth. IPEC-Americas can refuse rental of exhibit space to any company whose display of goods or services is not, in the opinion of IPEC-Americas, compatible with the educational character and objectives of the event.

2. PAYMENT. Applications submitted prior to June 25, 2021 must be accompanied by a deposit of fifty percent (50%) of the total exhibit and sponsorship charge, with the total balance due by June 25, 2021. Applications submitted after June 25, 2021 must be accompanied by full payment of the space rental charge.

3. CANCELLATION OF CONTRACT. In the event an exhibitor must cancel their request for exhibit space, the rental fee paid will be refunded in full if the notice of cancellation is received by IPEC-Americas in writing prior to June 25, 2021. No refunds will be made after June 25, 2021, even if space is resold. In addition, the exhibitor loses the right to use the complimentary exhibitor registrations granted by this contract.

IPEC-Americas reserve the right to terminate this contract immediately and to withhold from the exhibitor possession of the exhibit space and exhibitor shall forfeit all space rental fees paid if, (a) the exhibitor fails to pay all space rental charges by June 25, 2021, or (b) the exhibitor fails to perform any material terms or conditions of the contract or refuses to abide by these Terms and Conditions.

4. IF AN EXHIBITOR DOES NOT FOLLOW THE RULES AND REGULATIONS SET BY IPEC-AMERICAS, THEIR CONTRACT WILL BE TERMINATED. In the event of a default by the exhibitor, as set forth in the previous sentence, the exhibitor shall forfeit the amount paid for space rental, regardless of whether or not IPEC-Americas enters into a further lease of the space involved.

5.WHENEVER POSSIBLE, SPACE ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE MADE BY IPEC-AMERICAS IN KEEPING WITH THE PREFERENCES AS TO LOCATION REQUESTED BY THE EXHIBITOR. IPEC-Americas, however, reserves the right to make the final determination of all space assignments in the best interest of the show.

6. EXHIBITORS MAY NOT SUBLET ANY PART OF THEIR ASSIGNED EXHIBIT SPACE. No exhibitor shall assign, sublet, or share the space allotted with another business or firm unless approval has been obtained in writing from IPEC-Americas. Exhibitors must show only goods manufactured or dealt in by them in the regular course of business. Identification of an article or piece of equipment not manufactured by the exhibitor, but required for operation or demonstration in an exhibitor’s display, shall be limited to the usual and regular nameplates, imprints, or trademarks under which same is sold in the general course of business.

7. THE GENERAL RULE OF THE EXHIBIT FLOOR IS: BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR. No exhibits will be permitted which interfere with the use of other exhibits or impede access to them or impede the free use of the aisle. Booth personnel, including demonstrators, are required to confine their activities within the exhibitor’s booth space. Apart from the specific display space for which an exhibiting company has contracted with IPEC-Americas, no part of the Gaylord National or its grounds may be used by any other organization for display purposes of any kind or nature. Representatives should be modestly attired to maintain the professional and business-like climate of the exposition. Audio presentations, slides, or movies will be permitted if tuned to conversational levels and not objectionable to neighboring exhibitors. IPEC-Americas’ reserves the right to restrict the use of glaring lights or objectionable light effects. The exterior of any display cabinet or structure facing an adjacent exhibitor’s booth must be finished or suitably decorated at the expense of the exhibitor erecting or installing such a display and must not include corporate or product identity which would detract from the adjacent display.

8. CONFLICTING EVENTS DURING SHOW HOURS. The exhibitor agrees not to extend invitations, call meetings, host hospitality events or otherwise encourage the absence of industry professionals from the exhibit hall and meeting rooms during the hours of all Education and Conference activities. All requests for meeting rooms, hotel suites and special function rooms must be approved by IPEC-Americas. If an exhibitor cancels their exhibit space, they will automatically lose the opportunity to use any approved meeting rooms, hotel suites or special function rooms.

9. IN FAIRNESS TO ALL EXHIBITORS, IPEC-AMERICAS’ EXHIBIT CONSTRUCTION GUIDELINES AS PROVIDED MUST BE OBSERVED. Display material (including show cases, display or storage cabinets, electrical fixtures, wire, conduits, etc.) and equipment must adhere to the Exhibit Construction Guidelines outlined on the floor plan and/or in the Exhibit Service Manual.

10. TO ENSURE THE SAFETY OF ALL PARTICIPANTS, FIRE REGULATIONS MUST BE OBSERVED. Fire regulations require that all display materials be flame-proof. Electrical signs and equipment must be wired to meet the specifications of Underwriters Laboratories. Demonstration of charcoal, wood, paper, or liquid fuel burning equipment is prohibited in this show. Each exhibitor is charged with knowledge of all laws, ordinances, and regulations pertaining to health, fire prevention, and public safety while participating in this exposition. Compliance with such laws is mandatory for all exhibitors and the sole responsibility is that of the exhibitor.

11. COST FOR REPAIRING ANY DAMAGES TO THE CONVENTION CENTER WILL BE BILLED TO THE RESPONSIBLE EXHIBITOR. Nothing can be posted on, tacked, nailed, screwed, or otherwise attached to the columns, walls, floors, ceiling, furniture, or other properties of Gaylord National.

12. INSTALLATION AND DISMANTLING PERSONNEL WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ON THE EXHIBIT FLOOR WITHOUT WORK ORDERS AND OFFICIAL SERVICE BADGES. Exhibitors using companies other than the official contractor must advise them to check-in with the Exhibitor Service Center staff upon their arrival. Copies of all job orders must be presented at that time for management’s files to qualify their company’s participation. Upon verification, official service badges allowing access to the exhibit area during service hours only will be issued.

13. EXHIBIT INSTALLATION HOURS ARE PUBLISHED IN THE EXHIBIT SERVICE KIT. Companies requiring additional set-up time will be accommodated as best as possible. Please notify the General Service Contractor listed in the exhibit service kit if you require additional time. All deliveries and maintenance work must be completed prior to the show opening each day. Admission for outside service, maintenance, and delivery personnel must be cleared through the staff at the Exhibitor Service Center.

14. EXHIBIT INSTALLATION MUST BE COMPLETED BY 5:00 PM, MONDAY SEPTEMBER 27, 2021. After 5:00 PM, Monday September 27, 2021 any exhibit space that is completely empty, and for which no freight has arrived, may be resold or re-assigned at the discretion of IPEC-Americas. After that time, any unattended booths with crated displays will be set up at the discretion of IPEC-Americas and Show Management, and all expenses will be charged to the exhibitor.

15. THE OFFICIAL SHOW CONTRACTOR WILL STORE ALL EMPTY PACKING CONTAINERS. Exhibitors are advised to provide locked storage facilities within their own display area for excess merchandise.

16. NO BOOTH EQUIPMENT OR MATERIALS MAY BE REMOVED during the exposition without written permission from IPEC-Americas.

17. DISMANTLING. Exhibitor’s displays must not be dismantled or packed in preparation for removal prior to the official closing time of 2:30 pm, Wednesday September 29, 2021. Every exhibit must be fully staffed and operational during the entire event. The deadline for the dismantling and removal of displays will be at 5:00 pm, Wednesday September 29, 2021. At this time, all exhibit displays or materials left in the booths without instructions will be packed and shipped at the discretion of Show Management, and all charges will be applied to the exhibitor.

18. BADGES. Official show badges will be required for entry into the exhibit hall at all times. Badges are not transferable and those worn by other than the person to whom issued will be confiscated. Business cards are not to be used in badge holders. Exhibitors will be granted an allotment of three (3) complimentary registration badges per 10x10 exhibit space. Exhibitors purchasing the Conference Presentation will receive one (1) additional complimentary registration badge. Additional badges can be purchased.

19. LIABILITY. Neither IPEC-Americas, its members, or the representatives and employees thereof, its’ official service contractors nor the Gaylord National nor its representatives and employees will be responsible for injury, loss or damage that may occur to the exhibitor or to the exhibitor’s employees or property from any cause whatsoever, prior, during or subsequent to the period covered by the exhibitor’s contract. It is agreed by the parties that the nature of the facilities available, the presence and circulation of large numbers of people, the difficulty of effective supervision over the protection of large numbers of removable articles in numerous booths, and various other factors make it reasonable that each exhibitor shall assume their own risk of any injury, loss or damage, and the exhibitor, by signing this contract, hereby assumes such risk and expressly releases the organizations and individuals referred to above from any and all claims for any such loss, damage or injury. Protection against unauthorized removal of property from the booth occupied by the exhibitor shall be the exhibitor’s responsibility.

20. EXHIBITOR INSURANCE. Exhibitor and exhibitor’s contractors shall, at their sole cost and expense, procure and maintain through the term of this contract, the following insurance: Commercial General Liability Insurance against claims for bodily injury or death and property damage, as well as personal injury occurring in or upon or resulting from the premises leased. Such insurance shall include contractual liability and products liability coverage, with combined single limits of not less than $2,000,000.00 per claim per occurrence, with IPEC-Americas, Show Management, and their employees or agents as additional insured. Worker’s Compensation and Occupational Disease Insurance in full compliance with all federal and state laws and covering all exhibitor’s employees engaged in the performance of any work for exhibitor with limits not less than $100,000 each accident for bodily injury by accident, $100,000 each employee for bodily injury by disease, and $500,000 policy limit for bodily injury by disease. Coverage for both the Commercial General Liability and Worker’s Compensation Insurance must be placed through an acceptable and licensed carrier in the State in which the convention is being held with a Best Rating of not less than A- VII. Exhibitors shall obtain and furnish upon request by IPEC-Americas and/or Show Management a Certificate of Insurance evidencing the required insurance to IPEC-Americas and/or Show Management. If the exhibitor uses a non-official contractor, they must furnish to IPEC-Americas and Show Management evidence of insurance as described in the application for the use of a non-official contractor/display house. Upon request, evidence of all risks (subject to standard exclusions) property coverage subject to a replacement cost valuation provision and a deductible not exceeding $5,000 must be forwarded. All property of the exhibitor is understood to remain under its custody and control in transit to, within, and in transit from the confines of the exposition facility.

21. UNION LABOR AND OTHER CONTRACTS: Exhibitors are required to observe all contracts and rules and regulations in effect between service contractors, Gaylord National, Show Management and IPEC-Americas.

22. DISABILITY PROVISIONS. Exhibitor shall have sole responsibility for ensuring that their exhibit is in full compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and any regulations implemented by that Act.

23. PHOTOGRAPHY AND SKETCHING. Cameras may be carried in the exhibit area, but under no circumstances may photographs be taken without expressed authority of the exhibitor concerned in each case. Sketching or drawing machinery or products on display is prohibited. IPEC-Americas and Show Management reserve the right to photograph exhibits.

24. FOOD SERVICE. All arrangements for food and beverage service must be made with the catering department of Gaylord National.

25. FORCE MAJEURE. IPEC-Americas shall not be deemed to have breached this agreement by reason of its failure to perform any of its obligations if caused by strikes, natural disasters, hurricanes or tropical storms, acts of a public enemy, riots, terrorism, interference by civil or military authorities, compliance with proclamations, delays in transit or delivery on the part of transportation companies, or other causes beyond the reasonable control and without the fault of IPEC-Americas, or if caused by any act or failure to act of another party (an “Event of Force Majeure”). Upon the occurrence of any Event of Force Majeure, specified above, that results or will result in a delay in or cancellation of the Show or otherwise affects IPEC-Americas’ performance under this agreement, IPEC-Americas shall promptly give notice to the other party of the occurrence and the effect or anticipated effect of the occurrence on the performance of IPEC-Americas’ obligations under this agreement. IPEC-Americas will use reasonable efforts under the circumstances to eliminate or minimize the adverse impact of the occurrence on its performance under this agreement. If such an occurrence results in cancellation of the Show, all exhibit & sponsorship payments made by the exhibitor under this Agreement shall be refunded to Exhibitor, less a pro rata share of expenses actually incurred by IPEC-Americas in connection with this event.

26. IPEC-AMERICAS’ RESERVES THE RIGHT TO MAKE CHANGES TO THESE RULES. Any matters not specifically covered herein are subject to decision by IPEC-Americas. IPEC-Americas reserve the right to make such changes, amendments, and additions to these rules as considered advisable for the proper conduct of the exhibit, with the provision that all exhibitors will be advised of any such changes.

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