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Thank you for your interest in submitting a presentation for consideration at IAHCSMM’s 2020 Annual Conference & Expo, April 25 - 29, in Chicago, Illinois. Next year’s conference will provide a mix of educational workshops and presentations to showcase new ideas and methods of improvement within the Central Service/Sterile Processing (CS/SP) field. Educate your peers and contribute to the profession by submitting a presentation for consideration.

All presentation submissions must be received no later than 11:59pm CST, Wednesday, July 31, 2019. Incomplete applications will not be considered for review. IAHCSMM is a nonprofit organization, and therefore, speaker honoraria and/or fees are not available. IAHCSMM further does not provide funding for transportation or lodging. Selected speakers will receive complimentary registration to the 2020 IAHCSMM Annual Conference & Expo.


5/28/19 Call for presentations opens and submissions begin
7/31/19 Call for presentations closes and submissions no longer accepted
10/1/19 Acceptance or rejection notifications sent
10/19/19 Presenter acceptance deadline

Session Formats:

All topics submitted must be directly related to the CS/SP profession. Proposals are being accepted for the following formats:

  1. Conference Lecture Session by one to three (1-3) presenters for 60 minutes, Sunday – Wednesday, minimum 400 people up to 2,000 people
  2. Pre-Conference Saturday Hands-On Lab by one to three (1-3) presenters for 60 minutes, repeated throughout the day, up to 35 people per rotation
  3. Pre-Conference Saturday Workshop by one to three (1-3) presenters for 60 minutes, repeated throughout the day, up to 50 people per rotation

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