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The Best in EdTech 2025 to be Recognized by District Administration® and the Future of Education Technology Conference


We have set up a simple application process for edtech providers to obtain recognition for the most innovative, impactful and important education technology solutions for the year. 
Here’s how the updated FETC Top EdTech Products awards program will work: 

Education technology solution providers are invited to submit proposals for consideration via the link below.  

• From the submissions, which must include 5-minute video explaining and/or demonstrating the product, District Administration and FETC teams will short-list 30-40 education technology solutions for an initial round of demonstrations and consideration. After this screening and assessment, up to 20 education technology solutions will be named “Top EdTech Products of the Year.” These products will be recognized in District Administration® magazine and on as well as at the Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) 2025.
Companies will be divided into two categories: Startup and Midsize/Large. For this contest, we’re defining a startup as a company that has existed for two years or less with revenue under $1 million. To be considered, startups must have a working website. Midsize is defined as a company with up to $50 million in annual revenue, and large is over $50 million in revenue. 

The entry fee is $149 for Startups and $199 for Midsize/Large companies. Entry fees must be paid at submission and are non-refundable. 
• A special Early Bird discount of $50 per entry will be in effect for those applicants who submit their entries between April 1 and June 30. 

The companies with the highest-rated education technology solutions will have their products featured on the District Administration website, in promotional conference materials and join the exclusive list of education technology companies to be recognized at the event. They will also receive a Top EdTech Product Winner 2025 official digital logo for use in electronic communication and press materials as well as a winner's banner to display at FETC 2025 and all other shows and conferences throughout the year. 
These awards are designed to showcase the latest in edtech innovation, with particular emphasis on how these technology solutions are breaking new ground in the edtech market. Solutions must be generally available by September 2024, have been developed or updated within the last year and must apply to K12 education. 
Providers selected to continue in the process can expect to be notified on or about November 1, 2024. (Only those providers selected to continue will be notified.) For those selected, District Administration/FETC will request a formal demonstration of 5 minutes maximum, with the majority of that time focused on product demonstration.  
The submission deadline is Sept. 30, 2024, at 11:59 pm EST.

Please download the following document to preview the submission form questions. 


For product eligibility questions contact Lori Capullo at Problems submitting? Contact Jamie Weiss at