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Welcome to the COGIC AIM Convention 2024!
Bishop Linwood Dillard, Convention Chairman
Bishop J. Drew Sheard, Presiding Bishop

Official Online Registration/Housing Form

Please allow yourself time to read every policy. Before beginning, please take a moment to read the COVID-related updates.  Please be advised that to increase accuracy, take your time and answer each question. It can take up to five minutes to fill out this form. It is recommended that you fill out this form on a computer rather than a mobile device. 

 Attendees are strongly encouraged to be vaccinated.  

If you need any registration assistance please feel free to email us at or call 901-947-9330.  If the requested dates for housing are unavailable, please email us at or call 713-824-2079 for further assistance.

Please click the Start button to begin the attendee registration process.