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Exhibit Sales


Welcome to the 2024 CAAEYC Annual Conference & Expo online booth sales!

Last year we implemented a corporate membership category at $200 annually (this year it is effective through June 30, 2024). Click the link below to view the booth pricing for a corporate member or nonmember. You can also review the corporate member benefits. To save $100 on each booth purchased, invest in the corporate membership at $200. We recommend reviewing the advanced booth pricing for members and nonmembers prior to purchasing your booth. Find those details here.

If you want to review the floor plan prior to clicking into the online sales form start here. You will be able to hover over the sold booths to learn who the exhibitors are.

Please Note: At this time in our planning, full payment by credit card is due at the point you select your booth or booths.

Select your booth and payment today to receive access the Exhibitor Service Center to take advantage of the management and preparation tools offered to ensure a successful experience!

Now, click START to begin reserving your space for the Expo!