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Welcome to the conference workshop schedule! All workshops appear in date order, then alphabetical by title. You can click on any of the dates and only the workshops for that date will appear.

To search by presenter or workshop track, click on the "Search/Filter" link below this message at the right. Dropdown options will appear. As an example, if you search by track, all workshops within that track appear in order by date.

Disclosure: CAAEYC provides a variety of opportunities for conference participants to engage in: workshops, keynote sessions, site tours, exhibits and advertisements. These professional growth options and experiences do not constitute CAAEYC’s endorsement of workshop content, products or services sold or advertised by exhibitors. We recognize that everyone’s choices are not the same, and in this vein, we offer multiple and varied opportunities.

Should you have any questions, contact the CAAEYC staff team at or (916) 486-7750.

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