Concurrent Sessions

Claims & Litigation track presented by Beazley Group

Monday, October 16

Session Title Room Track Level
9:00-10:00 AM    
M-01 Improving End-of-Life Care: Strategies and Best Practices 605-607 Claims & Litigation Advanced
M-02 Transgender Patient Safety: Advanced Concepts 608-610 Clinical/Patient Safety Foundation
M-03 The Power of One: Working with Collaboratives 619-620 Leadership Foundation
M-04 Risks Associated with Facility and Group Practice Mergers and Acquisitions 611-612 Legal & Regulatory Advanced
M-05 Managing Cyber Risk in an Evolving Landscape 615-617 Healthcare Operations Practitioner
M-06 A Peek Behind the Underwriting Curtain (an ASHRM/Bermuda Reciprocal Session) 613-614 Risk Financing Practitioner
M-07 Closing the Loop with Health I.T. Risk Management 602-604 Performance Outcomes & Quality Practitioner
9:00-11:15 AM    
M-08 Communicating with Confidence Workshop* 4C Leadership Foundation
10:15-11:15 AM    
M-11 Handling and Defending Sepsis Related Claims 615-617 Claims & Litigation Practitioner
M-12 Improving Patient Safety in the Ambulatory Care Setting 602-604 Clinical/Patient Safety Practitioner
M-13 The Power of Storytelling: Using Case Studies to Understand Communication Failures 605-607 Leadership Advanced
M-14 Cops and Docs - Responding to Law Enforcement Requests 608-610 Legal & Regulatory Practitioner
M-15 ERM: Get ready, set, GO! 619-620 Healthcare Operations Foundation
M-16 Two Faces of Risk: When Healthcare Risk Meets Sub-capitation Risk 613-614 Risk Financing Advanced
M-17 Peer Review Best Practices - Limiting Exposure in the Age of Technology 611-612 Performance Outcomes & Quality Practitioner
1:45-2:45 PM    
M-21 High Times: An Update on Medical Marijuana and the Changing Landscape in Healthcare 611-612 Claims & Litigation Foundation
M-22 Incorporating Human Factors Engineering into a Comprehensive Credible RCA - a Healthcare System's Approach 605-607 Clinical/Patient Safety Advanced
M-23 A Self Assessment for Your Risk Management Program 608-610 Leadership Practitioner
M-24 Managing Risk for an Aging Population 615-617 Legal & Regulatory Foundation
M-25 ERM 2.0: Practical Applications of the Theory 613-614 Healthcare Operations Practitioner
M-26 Leveraging Data Science Techniques to Bring Modern Analytics to Health Institutions 619-620 Risk Financing Practitioner
M-27 Don't Just Think, Understand: Lessons Learned Tackling a Solvable Problem, Wrong-Site Surgery 602-604 Performance Outcomes & Quality Advanced
M-28 The Adapt Strategy: a New Way to Address High Exposure Damages* 4C-4 Claims & Litigation Practitioner
3:00-4:00 PM    
M-31 Patient Safety at Our Fingertips; Lessons from a Real Case Study 611-612 Claims & Litigation Practitioner
M-32 Safe Obstetrical Transitions of Care Between Providers 619-620 Clinical/Patient Safety Practitioner
M-33 Building a Culture of Patient Safety 605-607 Leadership Foundation
M-34 Legislative & Regulatory Update 2017 608-610 Legal & Regulatory Practitioner
M-35 Enterprise Risk Management: Benchmarking Data and Implementation Strategies 615-617 Healthcare Operations Advanced
M-36 Show Me the Money: Creating Value Through Proactive Risk Assessment 602-604 Risk Financing Practitioner
M-37 Planning to Commit Violence? Not at Our Facility! 613-614 Performance Outcomes & Quality Foundation
M-38 So You Think You're Covered: Analyzing and Understanding Different Coverage Options* 4C-4 Risk Financing Foundation


Tuesday, October 17

Session Title Room Track Level
10:30 AM-11:30 AM    
T-01 2017 Aon/ASHRM Hospital and Physician Professional Liability Benchmark Study 605-607 Claims & Litigation Practitioner
T-02 Who's Behind the Surgical Mask? Limiting Liability Beyond the Credential 619-620 Clinical/Patient Safety Practitioner
T-03 The Bridge Between Risk Management and Patient Safety 608-610 Leadership Foundation
T-04 Webcare: Management and Response to Patient Posts Online 602-604 Legal & Regulatory Practitioner
T-05 Healthcare's ERM Success Stories: A Journey to ERM 613-614 Healthcare Operations Advanced
T-06 Emerging Best Practices in Obstetrics 611-612 Risk Financing Practitioner
T-07 Accountable Care Organization: Why Value-based Reimbursement Should Thrill You—and Scare You Silly 615-617 Performance Outcomes & Quality Practitioner
T-08 Secrets of Successful Risk Management Projects* 4C-4 Clinical/Patient Safety Foundation
2:00-3:00 PM    
T-11 Building a Disclosure Program - Let's Start at the Very Beginning 611-612 Claims & Litigation Practitioner
T-12 Truly High Reliable: Practical Tools to Help Your Organization Take Ownership of Their HRO Journey 613-614 Clinical/Patient Safety Practitioner
T-13 Authentic Leadership Without an Agenda -- the Hidden Skills of a Successful Risk Manager 608-610 Leadership Practitioner
T-14 Psychiatric & Behavioral Health Patients in the ED: Avoiding Liability 605-607 Legal & Regulatory Advanced
T-15 What’s the Alternative? Managing Unusual Risks in Unconventional Settings 602-604 Healthcare Operations Practitioner
T-16 Products Liability & Hospitals: A New Area of Risk 615-617 Risk Financing Foundation
T-17 Minimizing Risk and Liability for Waterborne Pathogens 619-620 Performance Outcomes & Quality Practitioner
2:00-4:15 PM    
T-18 Difficult Conversations: Strategies for Addressing What Feels Impossible to Address* 4C-4 Leadership Practitioner
3:15-4:15 PM    
T-21 Evolving Social Media Pitfalls and Management Strategies for Providers 608-610 Claims & Litigation Practitioner
T-22 The Behavioral Health Patient in the Physician Practice Setting 611-612 Clinical/Patient Safety Foundation
T-23 Joining the Communication and Resolution Revolution: Lessons from the First 100 Hospitals
(An ASHRM/Collaborative for Accountability and Improvement Reciprocal Session)
615-617 Leadership Practitioner
T-24 Colliding Worlds: Medical Necessity Versus Medical Quality Review 619-620 Legal & Regulatory Practitioner
T-25 Telemedicine: Eight Questions to Ask Before Diving In 605-607 Healthcare Operations Advanced
T-26 Bad Bugs: Managing Enterprise Risks Surrounding Pandemic Infections 613-614 Risk Financing Practitioner
T-27 Retained Surgical Items: What the Data is Telling Us 602-604 Performance Outcomes & Quality Foundation

* Ticketed Workshop - Limited Capacity

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