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Now more than ever, the quantity and quality of your social network is critical in order to access and leverage connections and information. The PDC Summit is the one unique conference that has a balanced representation of the full health care planning, design, and construction team. Through blending perspectives, the PDC Summit program offers a collaborative approach to building and renovating health care facilities.


Hospital Administrators
New construction and renovation of a health facility is a major investment. Senior administrators with responsibility for the design and construction of health facilities should attend to gain insight on the strategic outlook for the health care physical environment and assess how to maximize operational efficiency through design.

Whether you want to learn what's new in the FGI Guidelines or hear case studies on evidence-based design, the PDC Summit provides architects with timely information that will affect health care facility PDC now and in the future. Assess the long-term outlook as well current trends and innovations for architects by hearing from a variety of top field professionals, including architects and those in the health care C-suite.

Interior Designers
Interior designers provide a unique perspective to health care planning, design, and construction. Attending the PDC Summit will give interior designers the technical knowledge needed to provide health care facilities with sustainable designs and design for effective patient healing environments.

Construction Professionals
Whether you're attending the Certified Healthcare Constructor (CHC) Exam Review Course, listening to a case study presentation on Lean methodologies, or networking with prospective clients at one of the receptions, health care construction professionals will walk away from the PDC Summit with valuable knowledge and business connections.

Health Care Facility Management Professionals
Maximizing the efficiency of design and construction projects is critical to a health facility's bottom line. Facility managers and engineers working to optimize the physical environment of health care facilities will gain insight from the PDC Summit on innovative operational strategies that compliment design and construction initiatives.

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