Harness the Power of Networking.

Now more than ever, the quantity and quality of your social network is critical in order to access and leverage people and information.

The ASHE Annual Conference and Technical Exhibition will give you a platform to meet with health care facility management and engineering professionals and others with critical roles in optimizing the health care physical environment.

Health Care Facility Managers and Plant Managers
A shifting health care landscape requires health care facility managers to wear many hats and take on new responsibilities. The demand to “do more with less” is becoming a greater challenge. With this in mind, the ASHE Annual Conference is designed to give health care facility management professionals the tools they need to stay abreast critical changes affecting the health care built environment, while discovering and honing leadership qualities that benefit their organization as a whole.

Health Care Engineers and Technicians
As times change, tools change — and so must knowledge and skills. With shifts in technology and increased pressure for more efficient facilities, health care engineers and technicians must expand their knowledge to optimize for greater efficiency and productivity. Sessions at the ASHE Annual Conference directly address these most pressing issues, and guides them where to focus their energy.

Health Care Safety and Security Professionals
The safety and security of patients and staff is a top priority for all health care facilities. The ASHE Annual Conference keeps safety and security professionals up-to-date on the latest priorities and plans to consider for protecting patients and staff.

Health Care Administrators
An efficient and highly optimized health care facility can have a significant impact on a hospital’s overall bottom line. Senior administrators with the responsibility for health care facility management should plan to attend to gain insight on the strategic outlook for how to assess and maximize facility efficiency.

Construction and Architecture/Design Professionals
Whether you're listening to a case study presentation on Lean methodologies, learning about design trends for facilities, or networking with prospective clients at one of the receptions, health care construction and design professionals will walk away from the ASHE Annual Conference with valuable knowledge and business connections.


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