Session Types

Follow this reference guide as you plan your Annual Conference & Expo agenda. For an even smoother scheduling process, download the conference app and plan your agenda on the go!

Workshops (WS) Interactive, with participants engaged in collaborative learning, including small- and large-group discussions, hands-on activities and skill-building, and opportunities to practice applying the concepts that are presented.

Discussion Groups (DG) Lecture-driven, focused on a core presentation of information with some/limited opportunities for participant interaction.

Deep Dives (DD) Take a longer look and dive deeper into current topics and issues in school business management with these two-hour educational offerings.

Solutions Circuit (SC) The solutions circuit sessions feature roundtables, each with a discussion topic presented by an exhibitor and focused on a specific aspect of school business management. Participants change tables every 15 minutes. You can find more details on these sessions in the event app.



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