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AC&E Encore will feature 10+ live, virtual sessions ranging on topics from strategic budgeting to cybersecurity. 

Session Description
Cyber Crime: Are you ready for an attack? Every day schools are falling victim to both small and large-scale cyber attacks. Schools are a prime target for hackers looking to steal data and cause havoc in your environment. Is your district ready to take these threats on? Would you pay a ransom to a bad actor? Do you have a comprehensive cyber insurance plan or a rider on your district policy? How are you proactively protecting your district’s student, employee, and financial data? This session will provide some guidance as you begin to answer these questions for your organization and we will share resources with you to utilize in these times where cyber threats are our new reality.
Internal Controls – How They Change in a Remote Work Environment One of the long-term residual outcomes of the COVID pandemic is the increased use of remote work environments. It does not appear this will completely be eliminated in the near future. This change requires a review of existing internal controls originally designed for an office environment and how these controls need to be reevaluated for a remote environment. It is equally important to consider how to monitor these changes for compliance and possible redesign.

*this session will also feature perspectives from Co-Presenter SBOs

More Funds for Children: The Effective District Team and the role of the "Rock Star" BA

Many Educators were drawn to their “callings” to help children.  School business officials can seem to be a “necessary evil” with “restrictive” financial controls.
In many LEAs, there is conflict between the “Education” and the “Business” side of district administration.  In the classic musical Oklahoma, it is determined the Farmer and the Cowboy can be friends.  Similarly, it is possible for the Teacher and the Accountant to be friends. 
Participants will learn practical methods to unify the district team so that money and resources flow to children.  Members will be grateful for having chosen this presentation!

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