Tips for a Successful Proposal

Are you interested in presenting at ARMA InfoCon but unsure how to start?  Writing a presentation proposal can be a challenging task.  Here are a few tips on effective proposal writing to help get you on your way!
  • Plan Early:  This will give you time to organize your thoughts and develop a thorough proposal.
  • Collaborate:  Consider working with a peer for presenting or asking for feedback before submitting.
  • Develop a Strong Title:  Make sure your title reflects your content, this is your first opportunity to introduce your topic.
  • Bring Depth to your Description: This should reflect the content of your topic and the relevance to the IG/RM industry. Make sure to highlight the most critical parts of your presentation. References should include current sources that are scholarly/peer reviewed. Use only references of those sources that are cited in your proposal.  

    Here are some suggestions of what to address in your description:
    • Introduce topic and relevance to the profession.
    • Discuss relevant supporting research.
    • What are you adding to the topic/research/industry?
  • Identify Clear Learning Objectives:  Learning objectives are what attendees can expect to gain by attending your session. It is critical that these be clear and measurable.  Using Bloom’s Taxonomy is helpful in identifying verbs to include. 

  • Pick the Best Fitting Focus Area:  Try to find the most logical fit, most presentations can fit into one or more areas.  Program focus areas are detailed in the Submission Guidelines
Be sure to reference the Selection Criteria section and familiarize yourself with the the items that make for a successful session proposal submission. 

Have questions or need additional guidance?  Contact the ARMA Conference Education team at