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Enhance Your Registration with a Pre-Conference Workshop   

Join us before the conference begins for extended hands-on learning and in-depth discussions about today’s workplace issues and must know trends. From beginners to experienced practitioners, these comprehensive, competency-based pre-conference workshops have something for everyone.

By adding on a pre-conference workshop to your conference registration, you not only get the best price, you’re getting a a chance to build your peer networks and form a connection with our expert instructors. And best of all, each of these workshops qualify for additional Continuing Education Credits!

New in 2024 - Pre-Conference Workshops may be purchased on their own or at a discounted rate* with the purchase of a full conference registration. 

There is no Pre-Conference Workshop discount with either a Keynote & Connect or Evening Social Pass.  

*The price for the ARMA Volunteer Leadership Training Pre-Conference Workshop is the same with or without a full conference registration. 

 Half Day & 1-Day Workshops:  Sunday, October 13
 2-Day Workshops:  Saturday, October 12 & Sunday, October 13
Time:  Full Day:  9:00am - 5:00pm
 Half Day:  9:00am - 12:00pm

 Price with a Full Conference Registration: 
  • Essentials of RIM 2-Day Workshop:  $1,499
  • 2-Day Workshop:  $799.00 
  • 1-Day Workshop:  $599.00

 Price for Workshop Only or with a Keynote + Connect or Evening Social Pass Registration: 
  • Essentials of RIM 2-Day Workshop Only or with a Keynote:  $1,899
  • 2-Day Workshop Only:  $1,199.00 
  • 1-Day Workshop Only:  $999.00
 ARMA Leadership Training Half Day Workshop:  $49.00
*lunch is included with all 2- and 1-day workshops

Pre-Conference Workshop: ARMA's Essentials of RIM Training Course (2-Day)
Saturday, October 12 & Sunday, October 13
Facilitators:  Michael Haley, MBA, IGP - Cohasset Associates
                     Carol Stainbrook - Cohasset Associates
CEU Credits:  13

Adapted from ARMA's popular online certificate course, this in-person session is uniquely positioned to offer hands-on training and direct mentorship under the esteemed guidance of subject matter experts. Our facilitators will steer participants through the intricacies of conducting records inventories, crafting robust business continuity plans, and implementing RIM compliance strategies. Expect to leave empowered to bolster inter-departmental collaboration, manage privacy threats adeptly, and achieve RIM excellence, all while preparing to ace the ARMA Essentials of RIM online exam with confidence.

Pre-Conference Workshop: IGIM (2-Day)
Saturday, October 12 & Sunday, October 13
Facilitator: Jason Stearns CRM, IGP, CIPP-US, CIPM - JCS InfoGov Consulting
CEU Credits:  13

This workshop will provide a deep dive into the changes in the IGIM v. 2.1 and in the information governance profession overall. Through the IGIM, you will learn how to connect various stakeholders of information governance; bridge policy and technology through common understanding and unified implementation; identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in information governance programs; and advance your career as an information governance professional.

Pre-Conference Workshop: From Resistance to Engagement: Rethinking IG Policies (1-Day)
Sunday, October 13
Facilitator: Lewis S Eisen, JD CIP CVP - Perfect Policies
CEU Credits:  6.5

We’ve learned that the stick doesn’t work. You can push the “compliance” argument all year long and see very few results. It’s time for a new approach.The world of IG has characteristics not shared by established corporate services like HR and Finance. The traditional approach to policy in those areas is not directly transferable to disciplines that deal with the management of information.

In this hands-on, practical workshop you will explore the interplay between IG policies and corporate culture. We will evaluate several advanced techniques for drafting policies, standards, and procedures all aimed at encouraging buy-in from others and promoting compliance. There will be lots of opportunities for group discussion and practice exercises.

Over the course of the day, we will look at:
  • creating a robust and flexible framework that can keep up with constantly changing legal, technical, and other environmental factors
  • reducing architectural complexity by standardizing the position of key elements, differentiating policy from procedure, and finding a home for related content like definitions and roles and responsibilities
  • finding the right balance to avoid a dictatorial tone while maintaining authority and meeting requirements
  • restructuring policy instruments to reduce lengthy approval periods
This workshop will help both experienced policy writers and novices increase the overall engagement of the organization with information-related activities. It will equip you with the tools needed to add value to your organization through a suite of policies that both meet legal and regulatory requirements and foster a culture of collaboration and respect.

You will leave with:
  • an understanding of cultural elements that are foundational to effective IG policies
  • a system to establish criteria to set the right scope: what to include and what to omit
  • strategies for breaking down silos and integrating IG requirements into other organizational policies
  • techniques for achieving the right tone: how to sound strict without sounding bossy
  • mechanisms to connect IG policies to enforcement processes like employee discipline and internal audit     

Pre-Conference Workshop: Master Microsoft Purview Records Management (1-Day)
Sunday, October 13
Facilitator: Erica Toelle, Microsoft
CEU Credits:  6.5

Are you ready to master records management in Microsoft 365? Don't miss this full-day workshop where we will show you how to use Microsoft Purview Records Management to manage your records effectively and efficiently. New this year, we will have power at every table for your laptop and a hands-on lab experience so you can try Purview yourself as we go through each scenario. Each table will have an expert to provide 1:1 help.

You will learn:
- Deployment best practices
- How to set up and apply retention policies and labels to your records
- Automate disposition reviews, including customization with Power Automate
- Explore features like event-based retention and adaptive policy scopes
- How to export records for transfer or other reasons
- How to collaborate with IT and security
- Other topics based on your requests!

Pre-Conference Workshop: Microsoft Purview Audit, Content Search and eDiscovery (1-Day)
Sunday, October 13
Facilitator: Anthony Salopek - Cadence Solutions
CEU Credits:  6.5

In the event of a legal case, how prepared will your organization be?

In this training course focused on Microsoft Purview Audit, Content Search and eDiscovery, Cadence Solutions experienced trainers understand the significance of legal hold issues, security audits, and sensitive data protection, particularly in the context of potential litigation. This course will give participants the ability to effectively react to forensic audits, litigation, and record requests, as they will participate in hands on eDiscovery scenarios. With our course, you will be well-prepared to harness the full potential of Microsoft Purview eDiscovery while mitigating legal challenges effectively.

Report on Data with Audit & Content Search 

  • Introduction to Purview Audit 
  • Learn the importance of rich defensible auditing  
  • Learn how to generate audit reports and how to interpret them
  • Gain knowledge on all auditable activities in M365 
  • Learn how to use Purview Content Search to find, report, and extract information across your M365 landscape 
  • Review best practices on how audit investigations can be done at your organization 

Investigate, Protect and Preserve Data with Purview eDiscovery

  • Defining eDiscovery: Understand its importance, lifecycle and key concepts 
  • Purview’s Role in eDiscovery: Tools introduction, features, edge over competitors and licensing requirements 
  • Learn the differences between Audit vs Content Search vs eDiscovery (Standard) vs eDiscovery (Premium) and when to use them
  • Learn how to search for M365 content
  • Learn how to apply Data holds and preserve content 
  • Learn how to best use advanced eDiscovery review tools such as indexing, tagging, analytics, OCR, and annotations
  • Learn how to package, send, and present your cases with third party legal teams


ARMA Volunteer Leadership Training (Half Day)
Sunday, October 13

The chapter leadership training is an interactive training program for current and future ARMA chapter and volunteer leaders. This program will be presented by the Chapter Advisory Committee to assist ARMA’s leaders with skills that support their roles, enhance their leadership, and build their networks. 

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