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Pedal to the Metal: Navigating the Information Security Highway 
Jeff Lanza, The #1 FBI Agent Keynote Speaker   

A twenty-year FBI veteran and security expert uses real life examples of the latest hacks and information breaches to demonstrate how criminals victimize us and what countermeasures we can take to navigate through the evolving threat.                               

The ARMA InfoCon 2023 Opening Keynote presentation will be delivered by Jeff Lanza, an FBI Special Agent for over 20 years, during which he investigated cyber crime, organized crime, human trafficking, and terrorism. Jeff will offer insights drawing from his years of experience.

Jeff Lanza was head of operations security for the Kansas City FBI and a graduate of the world-renowned John E. Reid School of Interviewing and Interrogation. He is a certified FBI instructor and has trained numerous government agencies and corporate clients on how to interpret and project body language for more effective interpersonal communication. In addition to his latest book on the topic of cyber security, Jeff authored speeches for FBI executives and has been published in The Kansas City Star, Ingram’s Magazine and on the FBI National Web site.

Generative AI and Information Governance:The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Tuesday, October 10
9:00am - 10:00am


Generative AI is all the buzz these days. Applications like ChatGPT, Microsoft Co-Pilot and Google Bard are getting lots of press and the spectrum of hype and hyperbole ranges from the anticipation that these tools will transform our lives to the fears that they will result in the extinction of humanity. Information Governance professionals need to understand how these technologies work, how they will be used and how they need to be governed as organizations begin to deploy these tools for a variety of purposes. Information Governance programs can also make use of these technologies for RIM, Privacy and Information Security applications. Now is the time to embrace the world of Generative AI.

Join our panel of information governance and e-discovery experts as they discuss the usage of Generative AI in our industry today. In this must-see keynote session, they will address some of the concerns around Generative AI, while helping to chart a course towards responsible adoption. Some of the questions the panel will address will include:

  1. What does it mean when you plug information into searches in Generative AI applications: who sees the information you provide, how reliable is that data, and who is responsible for the accuracy of its results?
  2. Who owns the information generated by these applications, and what happens to that information after it is generated?
  3. What happens when future output of AI becomes indistinguishable from “reality”?  How do we mitigate bias within AI output?
  4. What are the responsibilities of IG programs for governing AI generated content? What ethical obligations do we have as IG and legal professionals? 
  5. How can Generative AI be used to address existing challenges within IG programs? What benefits can Generative AI provide to organizational IG?

Generative AI is evolving quickly in terms of capabilities and functionality and presently there are more questions than answers. Nevertheless, our expert panel will provide insights and tips to help inform your decision-making.
 *Session description partially generated by ChatGPT.

Doug Austin, eDiscovery Today
Lenora Gray, Redgrave Data
Stephen Goldstein, Squire Patton Boggs

Moderated by:
Michael Quartararo, The Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists