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Add to Your Registration - Pre-Conference Workshops        

Join us before the conference begins for extended hands-on learning and in-depth discussions about today’s workplace issues and must know trends. From beginners to experienced practitioners, these comprehensive, competency-based pre-conference workshops have something for everyone.

By adding on a pre-conference workshop to your conference registration, you’re getting a a chance to build your peer networks and form a connection with our expert instructors. And best of all, each of these workshops qualify for additional Continuing Education Credits!

*Additional registration fee required. 

Date: Saturday, May 11
Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Price: $749 CAD each
Pre-Conference Workshop 1: From Resistance to Engagement: Rethinking IG Policies
Facilitator: Lewis S Eisen, JD CIP CVP - Perfect Policies
CEU Credits:  6.5

We’ve learned that the stick doesn’t work. You can push the “compliance” argument all year long and see very few results. It’s time for a new approach.The world of IG has characteristics not shared by established corporate services like HR and Finance. The traditional approach to policy in those areas is not directly transferable to disciplines that deal with the management of information.

In this hands-on, practical workshop you will explore the interplay between IG policies and corporate culture. We will evaluate several advanced techniques for drafting policies, standards, and procedures all aimed at encouraging buy-in from others and promoting compliance. There will be lots of opportunities for group discussion and practice exercises.

Over the course of the day, we will look at:
  • creating a robust and flexible framework that can keep up with constantly changing legal, technical, and other environmental factors
  • reducing architectural complexity by standardizing the position of key elements, differentiating policy from procedure, and finding a home for related content like definitions and roles and responsibilities
  • finding the right balance to avoid a dictatorial tone while maintaining authority and meeting requirements
  • restructuring policy instruments to reduce lengthy approval periods
This workshop will help both experienced policy writers and novices increase the overall engagement of the organization with information-related activities. It will equip you with the tools needed to add value to your organization through a suite of policies that both meet legal and regulatory requirements and foster a culture of collaboration and respect.

You will leave with:
  • an understanding of cultural elements that are foundational to effective IG policies
  • a system to establish criteria to set the right scope: what to include and what to omit
  • strategies for breaking down silos and integrating IG requirements into other organizational policies
  • techniques for achieving the right tone: how to sound strict without sounding bossy
  • mechanisms to connect IG policies to enforcement processes like employee discipline and internal audit        

Pre-Conference Workshop 2:  Microsoft Purview and AI for Data Security, Information Governance, and Risk Mitigation Professionals  
Facilitator: Jason Bero - Microsoft
CEU Credits:  6.5

Over the recent years, many organizations have chosen to invest with Microsoft cloud; whether it be email, file storage and sharing, or persistent chat communication to support a more dynamic and hybrid workforce. With this transition, there are many new opportunities ahead for data security professionals, information governance leads, and many other non-traditional IT roles to participate in its success using artificial intelligence in the flow of that work. Microsoft 365 Purview is a set of features, tools, and capabilities to aid data governance and security, risk minimization, eDiscovery, and records management which pull upon the many investments Microsoft has made bringing generative AI into the fold of each of these areas.

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