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ARMA International has developed a PowerPoint template for you to use for your presentation. We request all conference speakers adhere to the following established guidelines to ensure all presentations are visually consistent and impactful.

Click here to download the ARMA Canada Information Conference 2024 Speaker Presentation PowerPoint Template


Mandatory File Naming Convention

Please upload your PPT versions in with the following naming convention.
Session codes can be found in your reminder emails.
  • SessionCode_Lastname_Version#
  • 001_Lastname_v1 (verson#)
  • Example: C212_Smith_V1

Writing Style Guide

  • Use ALL CAPS in slide titles
  • Capitalize only first words and proper nouns in sub-headers and bullets
  • No periods at the end of bullets
  • Lowercase department names like “accounts payable team” unless part of a proper noun
  • Use numerals—don’t spell out numbers; ex. 4, not four
  • Define an acronym on first mention, then use on all following mentions; ex. enterprise content management (ECM)
  • When using images, you must cite your sources in the textbox provided at the bottom of the slide

Design Style Guide

  • Limit use of colors to theme color
  • Document colors are also swatched here for easy eyedropper use
  • Additional color options and slide layouts can be found in the layouts panel


  • Use TW Cen MT (Bold, ALL CAPS) for headings
  • Use Calibri (Body) for main body text
  • All graphics in your presentation MUST be compliant with copyright laws and be cited in the source box below
  • Ensure graphics are high resolution (not pixelated)

Once your presentation is ready to be reviewed please upload it to your online speaker account: Upload Presentation 

Next Step....Market Your Presentation!

Promote your presentation by posting the official conference logo on your website, in print ads or any marketing materials.  Utilize our easy-to-use marketing toolkit to highlight that you will be speaking at ARMA Canada Information Conference 2024!

Access the ARMA Canada Information Conference 2024 Speaker Marketing Toolkit Here