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Thank You to Our Sponsors!

If you are interested in being a sponsor for the ARMA Canada Information Conference, please contact Jennifer Millett,



Prices are shown in Canadian dollars. Please check current currency conversion rates if registering outside of Canada.  

Full Conference       

Registration Type  Early Bird Offer                   Register and pay through   April 11  Regular Pricing 
 Register and pay
 April 12 - July 11
 Onsite Pricing                   Register and pay
 July 12 - Show
Professional Member  $1,499.00 CAD  $1,899.00 CAD  $2,199.00 CAD
Associates & Non-Members  $1,799.00 CAD  $2,199.00 CAD  $2,499.00 CAD
Keynote & Connect Pass  $499.00 CAD  $499.00 CAD  $499.00 CAD

Add to Your Registration - Pre-Conference Workshops        

Sunday, July 16, 9:00am - 5:00pm    
$749.00 CAD    
Pre-Conference Workshop 1: Drafting IG Policies for Maximum Engagement         
To regulate employee behaviour, organizations produce a wide variety of IG Policies. Too often, though, these documents are long and confusing and written in a way that sounds like angry parents yelling at naughty children. Getting compliance under these conditions is an uphill battle.

In this hands-on, practical workshop you will explore the Interplay between IG policies and corporate culture. You will be shown a number of advanced techniques for drafting policies, standards, and procedures all aimed at encouraging buy-in from others and promoting compliance.

This workshop will help equip you with the tools you need to add value to your organization by through a set of policies that meet its legal and regulatory requirements while helping to foster a culture of collaboration and respect.
Pre-Conference Workshop 2:  Microsoft 365 Purview or Data Security, Information Governance, and Risk Mitigation Professionals           
Over the recent years, many organizations have chosen to invest into Microsoft 365; whether it be email, file storage and sharing, or persistent chat communication to support a more dynamic and hybrid workforce. With this transition, there are many new opportunities ahead for data security professionals, information governance leads, and many other non-traditional IT roles to participate in its success. Microsoft 365 Purview is a set of features, tools, and capabilities to aid with data governance and security, risk minimization, eDiscovery, and records management.

In this pre-conference workshop, we will dive deep into the many of these areas of Microsoft Purview in a hands-on style experience format.