Airport Transportation

Headed to downtown Seattle from SeaTac Airport? Link light rail is an easy way to go!

Sound Transit Link light rail fully-accessible trains depart SeaTac/Airport Station every 8 to 10 minutes most of the day. From airport baggage claim, follow the signs for Link Light Rail. From baggage carousel 16 at the north end of the terminal, go up one floor to the skybridge level. Head across skybridge 6 and turn left through the parking garage to the light rail station.

Note: A free electric shuttle service operates continuously between the light rail station and the airport skybridge.

When you enter the station, look for ticket machines to buy your one-time paper ticket or a reusable ORCA card. (An ORCA card costs $3 plus the cost of the fare, can be “topped up” and works across the regional transit network. However, you will be provided an ORCA card for free when you arrive at the convention center downtown.) Alternatively, you can download the Transit GO Ticket app to buy a digital one-time ticket.

Learn more and watch a video on how it all works!

Choose the Northgate track platform to go north to downtown Seattle. (Angle Lake is in the opposite direction, so don’t get on trains headed that way.) The first northbound trip departing Sea-Tac station for downtown at 4:59 a.m. and the last northbound trip into downtown at 11:44 p.m.


Westlake Station is about a four-minute walk from the Seattle Convention Center. Exit the underground station via Pine Street. Turn left and follow Pine Street southeast to Sixth Avenue. Head south on Sixth Avenue and turn right at Pike Street. Follow Pike to the Convention Center, located at 705 Pike Street.


Registration, Welcome Reception, Showcase, and all events beginning on Monday will be held at the Seattle Convention Center. Registration opens at 7:30 a.m. Monday in the 6 ABC Lobby, Level 6, in the Convention Center. All participants can pick up a free ORCA transit card at registration if they don’t have one already.


(Note: Saturday and Sunday committee meetings will be held at the Sheraton Grand Seattle, 1400 6th Ave.)


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