We All Belong

APTA provides a safe, hospitable, and productive environment for all Mobility Conference and International Bus Roadeo participants. We do not tolerate harassment. APTA is committed to the principles of diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and respect in all of our activities. We ask that all members and event participants serve as partners in this commitment by helping us to maintain a professional and welcome environment. All forms of discrimination, harassment, and bullying are prohibited in all APTA activities. 

What is Harassment?

  • Offensive gestures or comments related to ethnicity, religion, disability, appearance, gender, or sexual orientation
  • Deliberate intimidation, stalking, following, or harassing photography or recording
  • Sustained disruption of talks or other events
  • Inappropriate contact, and unwelcome attention

Speak Up!

If you witness or experience harassment and/or abuse, please report it. APTA has engaged a third-party vendor to operate a hotline and website to receive all complaints, which can be reported anonymously using the following methods:
  • By Phone: call 833-203-6447 for English, or 800-216-1288 for Spanish
  • By Email: reports@lighthouse-services.com (reference APTA Mobility Conference)
  • Online: visit www.apta.com/speakup

By registering to attend the APTA Mobility Conference or International Bus Roadeo, you agree to abide by APTA's Code of Conduct for Conference Attendees. 

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