New Product Program

New Product Program helps AHRMM19 attendees discover products that are new since AHRMM18 or have been released within the last 12 months (August 2018 - July 2019). Check out the below exhibiting companies who are introducing new and exciting products into the health care market. Mark their booth number to visit them at AHRMM19 and discuss how their products and technology solutions can benefit your health care organization.

Ansell Healthcare

Booth # 823

GAMMEX® PI Glove-in-Glove™ System

The patent pending GAMMEX® PI Glove-in-Glove™ System is the world’s first pre-donned double gloving system, allowing for double gloving in just one don. The system offers pre-donned outer and inner gloves packed in one poly-pouch and one inner-wrap, making double gloving easier and faster. The semi-transparent GAMMEX PI Hybrid serves as the outer glove, delivering both the comfort of polyisoprene and the strength of neoprene. Combined with the green-colored GAMMEX® Non-Latex PI Underglove as the inner glove, this system allows for quick and easy glove breach detection. In addition, the GAMMEX PI Glove-in-Glove System uses 50% less inner packaging materials, reducing environmental impact Last, the system is non-latex, DPG-Free, and CPC-Free to eliminate the risk of Type I l allergy and minimize Type IV allergies and sensitivities.



Booth # 640

Dynamic Speed Intelligence

Dynamic Spend Intelligence ™ from BroadJump gives healthcare organizations a centralized view of spend analytics for their entire facility or system. It collects all expense data into one comprehensive dashboard, aggregates data from multiple entities, ERP systems and pharmacy wholesalers and integrates seamlessly with our suite of expense management solutions. Dynamic Spend Intelligence™ is "mission control for expense management™", delivering unprecedented transparency and actionable analyses.


PharmaPricer utilizes BroadJump's industry-leading technology to obtain realistic cost information in therapeutic drug classes, significantly reducing the cycle time to renegotiate pricing agreements. PharmaPricer uses neutral, unbiased data representing facilities across the nation to assess account-specific opportunities, showing healthcare organizations exactly where they stand against the market.



Booth # 112


IntelliCentrics SEC3URE Ethos, the world's largest, trusted healthcare community, enables facility departments to partner in compliance. The cloud-based platform uses your unique policies to credential providers and vendor reps, delivering lowered costs, elevated compliance, and improved patient outcomes. First there was credentialing. Then there was privileging. Now there's SEC3URE Ethos.

First there was credentialing. Then there was privileging. Now there's SEC3URE Ethos.


Molnlycke Health Care

Booth # 1120

Mepilex(R) Border Flex

Mepilex Border Flex is designed to conform and stay on with innovative Flex Technology, which allows it to move in every direction, reducing skin stress, increasing comfort and keeping it in place. It also has up to 125% greater exudate handling capacity compared to other foam dressings. By reducing dressing changes, Mepilex Border Flex may support undisturbed wound healing as well as a reduction in costs.



Booth # 1118

Visual Analytics and Formulary Management

Members of the PartsSource Pro community will be further equipped to ensure clinical availability and lower costs. In June, PartsSource expanded its visual analytics and formularies for healthcare technology management and Clinical Engineering. Within a single data-driven platform, PartsSource empowers healthcare technology management to proactively manage medical equipment costs.


Symmetric Health Solution

Booth # 1033

Symmetric Health Solutions

A SaaS analytics platform for hospitals to identify cost-reduction opportunities on their supplies while monitoring patient safety with visibility into medical supply (drug/device) recalls and adverse events. With Symmetric's databases, supply file-mapping, and industry experts, hospital supply chains gain full market visibility to identify supply standardization opportunities, capture missed charges, and save time integrating ERP & EHR supply data systems for analytics initiatives.


TransLite, LLC

Booth # 908



Booth # 514

Trulla Software

Trulla is a software solution, developed by pharmacy and supply chain experts, to optimize a health system's pharmaceutical supply chain. The software includes analytics and a medication purchasing portal where system decisions can be executed seamlessly. The purchasing portal drives compliance to preferred NDCs and suppliers, maximizing savings capture, and provides one-stop for pharmacy purchasing and more!


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