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Preconference events, beginning Saturday, September 22nd, give attendees the opportunity to participate in training within specific areas of interest including:

AHE’s Strategic Leadership Series’ Value-based Product Evaluation and Implementation
(VPEI) Workshop

AHE’s Strategic Leadership Series’ Value-based Product Evaluation and Implementation will help leaders in various disciplines set a new standard of excellence with respect to procurement and change management. This 2-day course helps you identify ways you can transform from a more tactical approach to purchasing and product/process/technology implementation to a highly-focused strategic one. After taking this program, leaders will be equipped to deliver value to their organizations by impacting clinical and financial outcomes.

The Certificate of Mastery in Infection Prevention for Environmental Services Professionals
(CMIP) Workshop

This robust certificate program provides the requisite knowledge for a “trained” professional in infection prevention and control specific to the clinical environment of care.

Extended Certified Healthcare Environmental Services Professional
(CHESP) Extended Review Course

CHESP is a premier credential designation demonstrating mastery of maintaining the environment of care. Based on a sound assessment that provides distinction among healthcare environmental services professionals, CHESPs demonstrate advanced knowledge in the areas of: regulatory compliance, design and construction, environmental sanitation operations, waste management operations, textile management operations, finance, and administration.

Some of the benefits of certification include industry recognition, job mobility, and employment opportunities along with increased earning power. According to a recent survey on management compensation, environmental services managers earn nearly 25% more annually with a CHESP than without it.

This full day course offers extended math review and additional time for Q&A.

Download the CHESP Registration Form >>
Applications must be received no later than August 31, 2018. On-site applications will not be accepted.

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